Panties? (4)

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"Damn it!" Luca shouted after losing for the 8th time.
"Looks like I win" smiled Chester.
"Take off your... jeans" commanded Chester.
I mentally gulped. My hands glided Dow to the hem of my skinnies, and started to pull downward...


I pulled my jeans off and heard a series of gasps. Looking up everyone is staring at my panties. I smile sheepishly, and look down.

"Shit, lace panties" whispered Luca.

"Do you always wear them?" Questioned Blake.

"Y-yeah, it doesn't make you uncomfortable
does it?" I ask with tears forming in my eyes.

"NO!! , I-i mean no I don't mind" Chester replied. Everyone else nodded rapidly.

Until Marcus spoke up,
"How do you normally wear them?" Curiously.

I blush, "w-well i usually wear just a big top and my panties around the house"

"Do you have anything that goes with them?" Said Luca jumping excitedly.

I giggle and start with "Well I have tights, knee-high and thigh-high socks, um I have these like fish-net stockings that clip on to my panties. And accessories that match or came with and other things in my room"

"Can we look, please??!?" Luca almost begged.

"I guess if you want to" after I said those words the boys were putting everything back to wear I presume they go.

Marcus came up behind me and put their arm around my shoulder, "let's go" he yelled to the others, who rushed to my side. And we all walked to my room where I separated and went to the back of my closet and grabbed my two big suitcases filled with my favourite clothes.
After I unzipped everything and put down neatly for the men to view. I sat down in the corner of my bed.

"There's everything, even the accessories that go with the clothes" I said.

They all started to go through the items, smirking at sometimes to themselves. Chester was looking at the selection of chokers, when he stopped and looked at me.

"Hey Kyle why does this one say crystal?" He questioned gaining the others attention.

I looked at the one he's holding, it's black with diamond stars sown in. With a pearl hanging in the middle with strands of blue silk going to the sides. In the middle of the collar is the word Crystal embroidered in gold thread.

I blushed and replied with "w-well it's my collar that said I'm taken by someone and it tells other doms to stay away, I wear it when I'm dating someone or have a master(s)"

Everyone is silent until Chester suddenly says
"Put the collar on"

I can't help but stutter back "what?"

"You heard him, put on the collar!" Blake yelled. Not wanting to argue I slip on the collar and secure it behind my neck. I see them visibly relax. Then George Spoke up-

"So what about the other stuff, because I wouldn't mind you wearing them around the house, especially when you cook" the last part came out quite and low. But it made little me jump a bit...

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