Chapter 29

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Treading down the abandoned hallway, the walls muffled the ruckus of the raging pandemonium outside, but not so much that they couldn’t hear it. More than anything, Nole could hear shouted orders and battle cries. He longed to hear a familiar voice. He longed to hear any sign that his family and allies were alive. At that point, he would even settle for one of Zane’s derogatory remarks if it meant he hadn’t been killed.

Nole walked alongside Captain Hadley while Ryker brought up the rear. After seizing Nole’s weapon, Ryker had obtained two guns, holding one in each hand against the small of their backs. Blood dripped down her arms steadily. Although she was covering the wounds, it wasn’t enough to prevent the bleeding.

“Idiot,” she murmured under her breath. Even though it was rational to assume she was referring to Ryker, Nole knew she was talking about him. Despite what she, and the rest of the Enforcers thought, Nole wasn’t a murderer. She’d ordered him to take the shot, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it, and now they were captives, being used to bring down their own comrades.

Nole clenched his eyes shut at the thought of being used by Ryker. It clicked in his mind that that was the reason why Ryker hadn't killed him in the alleyway or in the station. The Sergeant had called him bait, but what, or who, he was luring, he had no idea.

“Looks like the party’s started,” Ryker commented. “It doesn’t seem like the whole Para gang is out there yet, but it won’t be long until they all show; until he shows.”

Though his back was to him, Nole could still sense the bloodlust in Ryker. The merciless tone by itself was something worth watching out for. He couldn’t be reasoned with, not with all he’d done. His gutsy actions and unshaken determination made him an admirable Enforcer, but with his changing sides, those traits now made him a deadly killer. “What do you say we crash the festivities?” Ryker pushed the gun into their backs, telling them to pick up the pace. When they reached the doorway, Ryker told them to stop and face him.

“You won’t be joining us out there, Captain,” he informed Hadley. “My story wouldn’t be as convincing with you around. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you yet, but I need to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.” He lowered the gun pointed at Hadley and tucked in his waistband. After freeing one of his hands, Ryker took a step toward her so that they were inches from each other.

While being nearly half a foot taller than her, he gazed down at her in a superior fashion. Unfazed by him, Hadley looked up to meet his gaze, glaring disgustedly. From her profile, Nole could see the beginnings of bruises on her neck from where Ryker had clutched her. Her bangs were no longer hanging loosely, but patted against her perspiring forehead. The usually impartial expression she wore was gone, and a telling, hate-filled one had taken its place.

“Maddox will see through you,” she said assertively.

“Nothing has made him question me thus far,” Ryker scoffed confidently. “The keys Captain,” he demanded to an unflinching Hadley. Nole grew nervous when neither of the two conceded, and things escalated quickly when Ryker flashed the razor blade from between his teeth in warning.

“They should be in her pocket,” Nole interjected, trying to diffuse the tension. Surprised by Nole’s assistance, Ryker instructed him to retrieve them and unlock the single cuff locked around his wrist. Following the orders, Nole kept his distance while searching Hadley’s front pants pocket as Ryker kept the gun pointed at him. He could almost feel the radiating disappointment from Hadley as she looked off to the side. Nole couldn’t blame her for feeling the way she did, so he avoided eye contact as well.

After recovering the keys, Nole obligingly unlocked Ryker’s handcuff.

“Very good,” Ryker said, satisfyingly massaging his formerly detained wrist. “That would’ve raised some unwanted questions from my fellow Enforcers.” In the same breath, he suddenly grabbed Hadley’s arm and pulled her close to him.

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