Chapter 33

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Angel's POV

Waking up I was held in a tight grip between the twins who were still sound asleep. One look out of the window told me that it's already morning.

I tried to untangle their arms and legs around me but that only made them snuggle closer as they put their heads into my neck where their marks were.

And then suddenly came the urge to throw up. I didn't particularly want to throw up on them or on our comfy bed so I had to think of something that would make them let go of me.

Having an idea, I blew air into their ears and it worked as after a few seconds they both let go and turned onto their other sides. The urge to throw up was getting worse by every passing second so I quickly climbed off of the bed before they could grab me.

I ran to the bathroom, knowing that the twins would throw a fit if they knew I was running. Or even walking.

I made it just on time luckily.

I sat by the toilet seat for a minute after I was done and then decided to get up and wash my mouth. I was just drying my hands when I started hearing growls and snarls coming from the bedroom.

Quickly making my way to the door I opened it only to find that the twins had destroyed the whole room and were now pacing around growling and snarling, punching holes in the wall.

"Guys? What's wrong?" My voice came out quiet not wanting to somehow anger them even more.

Their eyes snapped to where I was standing and it seemed that Ryder and Tyler had taken control for some reason.

"Mate!" They yelled at the same time and nearly threw themselves at me.

I was surrounded by them as they sniffed my neck chanting 'mate' over and over.

"Why did mate leave? Mate should never leave us, never!"

"Shh sh sh I didn't leave, I'm right here and I will never ever leave."

"Mate left." They whimpered into my neck.

"Shhh, I'm here, babies, I didn't leave. I could never leave my adorable little puppies."

"Mate promises?" Ryder raised his head from my neck to look at my face.

I put my hand on his cheek and kissed the other.

"I promise, I'll never leave."

"Can I get a kissy too?" Tyler whispered into my ear sounding unsure.

I turned around and cooed at him.

"Of course you can get a kissy too, Ty." With that I kissed his cheek too and when I pulled away I saw he was blushing a little.

They are so adorable!

"Can you give Xan and Xav back control now, please?"

They pouted sadly.

"Does mate not want us?"

"Of course I want you too! I just need to talk to them. Don't worry, I'll always stay here, okay?"

"Okay." They gave me a kiss on the cheek and gave the guys back control.


"Morning, baby angel."

I smiled and kissed their cheeks.

"Why did Ryder and Tyler take over?"

"We woke up to see that you weren't there, we panicked so they pushed through and we couldn't hold them back."

"Maybe next time before you destroy the room you look into the bathroom? Or just mindlinking me would work too."

"Okay." They mumbled sadly, looking ashamed as they bowed their heads.

"Hey. I'm not mad at you, okay? I know that after my family kidnapped me, you're more on edge and I'm not mad at you for that."

We hugged for a few minutes until Xavier picked me up putting me on his hip.

"The doctor mindlinked us, he has the results."

I gasped.

"Let's go then!"

Xander looked down at me.

"Like that?"

"Like what?"

He gestured to my body and I realized that I only had on one of their shirts. One look at them and I realized they were only in their boxers.

"Ummm... to the closet!" I yelled pointing my finger towards the closet door.

They chuckled, shaking their heads at me but made their way to the closet.

Not even ten minutes later we were dressed and walking towards the pack doctor's office. Well at least the twins were walking, I was being carried by Xander.

The twins both had on dark blue jeans and their black combat boots. Xavier was wearing a light blue shirt which matched with his eyes and Xander was wearing a black shirt. Like with every other shirt they owned, you could see the rippling muscles they had under them. Their light brown hair was spiked up in every direction like it always did.

I, on the other hand was wearing black ripped skinny jeans and my jade Nikes. I was once again wearing one of the twins' shirt. I think it was Xander's as he seemed extremely happy about me wearing that shirt. I mean, Xavier seemed happy about it too but Xander was nearly jumping in happiness. But maybe it was the fact that we were going to the pack doctor and that there was a huge possibility that I was pregnant with their child. Could be anything.

Arriving at the office door, Xavier knocked.

We heard a 'come in' and Xav opened the door.

The doctor was sitting at his desk looking at some papers but when he looked up and saw us he smiled and greeted us happily.

"Alphas, Luna. I'm glad you could make it so quick. Come and sit down." He gestured to the chairs on the other side of his desk.

Xavier and Xander made their way to the chairs and sat down.

"Well what were the results?" Xavier asked impatiently as soon as we had sat down, nervously fiddling with his fingers.

Xander's thumb was rubbing gentle circles on my hip as we all looked at the doctor, waiting for his answer.

He smiled brightly and turned to me.

"I'm happy to say, Luna, that you're indeed pregnant."

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