04| No Angel

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I never knew the devil could look so much like an angel. Her ocean blue eyes contrasted and gave me an illusion of an angel when really the devil had been staring at me the entire time.

She was no angel.

My emotions were reigned in by Niall who grips my wrist while I remained seated behind the desk. My jaw clenched and body tenses when I see a familiar set of brown eyes. I knew them well, they were the same eyes that had seen Layla undressed and bare under his touch.

I see him fumbling with papers at the table next to my council and I. Layla hadn't made an appearance yet which gave me conflicting feelings. Part of me yearned to see her and the other half didn't want anything to do with her. My heart desperately wanted to feel her arms wrapped around me again while my head protested against it.

"Are you okay?" Niall asks me in his thick Irish accent unsure of why I had gotten so trigger happy all the sudden seeing Layla's lawyer.

"It's him," my jaw is clenched and built up tension in my muscles causes my skin to heat up under my suit.

"Who?" Niall asks under his breath trying to not draw any attention to us in the eerily quiet court room.

"The guy that had sex with Lay," I grit out burning my eyes into the back of his head until the sound of heels against the tile clicked. I look back to see Layla sauntering over to her lawyer, better known as her secret love affair.

"Everything is going to be okay, trust me," Niall assures me trying to comfort me as soon as Layla takes a seat next to her boy toy. I gulp and feel as though the collar to my suit is constricting around my neck even though it isn't.

As the proceedings begin Niall and Layla's lawyer bring their offers and arguments to the table. I had agreed that Layla could have the house and her car. As crazy as some say it sounds, I wanted to still take care of Layla. Even though she had treated me like a puppet on her string I still felt the need to take care of her. I had agreed to split everything fifty-fifty with her.

I can see Layla in my peripheral vision and lose concentration on what Niall and  Liam, Layla's lawyer are arguing about. Every bone in my body restricts me from gazing over at her but my heart yearned to see her face. I hated this war in my mind.

I give in and make eye contact with those intense ocean blue eyes. Her black lashes are hooded over her eyes as she blinks slowly giving me a look of hurt. I averted my eyes away knowing that if I kept looking at her those familiar feelings of heart ache would drum against my chest.

I straighten my posture I try to pay more attention to the court proceedings but my mind only wanders. I can't keep my attention for any longer period of time before I reel back to my own thoughts that nearly consumed me.

Could I have done anything differently? What could I have done to keep Layla loving me? What did I do for her to fall out of love with me the way she did?

I know she says that she loves me but that seems contradictory to her actions. You don't do the things she did to the people you supposedly love.

My thoughts drag me into my own world and consume me whole. Before I even know it the court proceedings were over and the judge reschedules for another date to talk over custody of Kyla. That was one thing Niall and I hadn't talked about, what I sought out when it came to custody of Ky.

Honestly, I didn't want to take Kyla away from Layla. I didn't want Kyla growing up without a mother, I didn't want to restrict Layla from seeing her baby. However, I knew that Layla's state of mind and emotional issues were becoming out of hand. She was a drunk and I wasn't going to let Kyla be around stuff like that.

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