Sumo: (excitedly) SWING!! Let's go!!!

Sumo pulled Shravan's hand, yanking him as she ran towards the swing. Shravan lifted her, placing her on top of the swing and then getting on top too. They both lay together on the swing, arm in arm.

Sumo: This. Is. Perfection!!!!

Shravan: (laughing) I can make it better!! (winking)

Shravan pulled out the bag of fruits, handing Sumo some mangoes, pineapples, guavas, and starfruit.

Sumo: (eating) Yum!!! This is soooo good!! Taste it Shravan!! (feeding him)

Shravan: (eating) That's so good!

Sumo: I know right!! Pineapples are my favorite!!

Shravan: And mangoes are mine!! (laughing)

Sumo: You know what's wierd. I swear the scene in front of us was my wallpaper on my computer for the longest time!! (laughing)

Shravan: (laughing) That's hilarious!!

Sumo: I'm not even kidding!! It's been my dream to visit a place like this!

Shravan: You were my only dream. And it came true. (smiling)

Sumo: I couldn't agree more. (smiling)

Sumo and Shravan were lost in each other's eyes when Sumo realized she couldn't wait a second longer. She smashed her lips onto Shravan's who was taken aback by the sudden boldness of Sumo. However, he was quick to respond, giving Sumo the same amount of passion that she had shown through the kiss. They pulled out soon after.

Shravan: I love you Sumo. (caressing her face)

Sumo: (smiling) And I love you Shravan.

Shravan: Sooooo....Now that I've gotten you your food Hungry Monster, are you ready for the next surprise??

Sumo: Of course I am. Because Shravan Malhotra's surprises are always BOMB. (laughing)

Shravan: Shall we leave now??

Sumo: (hopping off) Yup!! Let's go!!

Sumo and Shravan both hopped off the swing and headed back to their car, buckling in and heading off on the road and back to their beach house.

After a short drive, they were back to their little palace. They both got inside and Sumo crashed the sofa as soon as her eyes fell on it. Shravan laughed at her, before jumping right on top of her and snuggling with her.

Within minutes, Sumo was fast asleep, along with Shravan. Both were still wearing their sandly clothes and shoes but their tired bodies gave out instantly.

3 hours later.

Shravan was the first to get up. It was late afternoon when he woke up and he found himself sleeping on the sofa of their living room, with Sumo snuggled into his chest.

Shravan smiled and carefully brushed the hair off of her face. Sumo scrunched her nose at the tickling sensation and snuggled deeper into his chest.

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