Part 116*

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After changing back into their normal clothes, Shravan and Sumo were back on the roads of Maui.

In the car.

Sumo: Shravan, I'll never forget today. It was by far, one of the best days of my life!! (smiling)

Shravan: (holding her hand) Mine too. But I have a lot of ideas for making it better.

Sumo: And I'm excited for that!!

Shravan: You hungry??

Sumo: Shravan, by now you probably should have figured out that you married a hungry monster!! For course I'm hungry!!

Shravan: (laughing) My hungry monster!!

Sumo: What shall we eat Shravuu???(pulling his cheeks)

Shravan: What are you hungry for??

Sumo: Oh!! I want some tropical fruits!!

Shravan: (smiling) You're wish is my command!!

Shravan pulled the car over in a nearby market place. He parked the car to the side, and jumped out leaving Sumo behind. He ran over to the fruit stalls, purchasing a variety of tropical fruits and than ran back to the car.

Sumo: (smiling) Yum!! Let's dig in!!!

Shravan: (stopping her) Hold it right there my Motu!!! You'll have to wait a little longer to eat this!

Sumo: (glaring) Khadoos!!! And don't call me Motu!!

Shravan: Ok, Moti!! (continuing to drive)

Sumo: (whining) Shravannnn!!!

Shravan: Ok, ok, my precious Jaan! (turning onto a quiet road)

Sumo: (looking around) Where are we going??

Shravan: Patience Princess. The answer to all of your questions will be before your beautiful eyes soon!

Sumo: (crossing her arms) I better be impressed!

Shravan: (smirking) Weren't you the same person to tell me I don't need to impress you anymore since we're officially married???

Sumo: (hitting his chest) Shut up!!

Shravan smiled at Sumo's comment before pulling once more, to the side of the road. By now, they had been driving on a dirt path, with was extremely quiet and empty. There were palms on the sides of the road, along with pills of sand. The shining blue water was visible from where they were standing.

Sumo got out of the car, following Shravan, who took the bag of fruits in one hand, while holding Sumo with his other hand. They began walking towards the water until the beach was visible.

The sand was a soft white color while the water was a gorgeous bright blue. The water was transparent and the bottom of the ocean was clearly visible. Soft waves crashed onto the shore, which was lining with bright green palm trees.

Sumo smiled and looked at Shravan who was already looking at her intensely. Sumo signed Shravan with her eyes, asking him what's up. He smiled at her and pointing towards the side, not removing his eyes from her for even a second.

Sumo turned around to find him pointing towards two palm trees. However, there weren't two ordinary palm trees. They were tried together with long swing.

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