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Hi guys! I have a quick question for y'all.

So I got a request for more visuals, like regarding Camila's little outfits and such, and I wanted to know if y'all wanted to see that. I won't be posting pictures if I say she's just wearing leggings and a t shirt or something like that lol, but more when she's in little clothes.

I kind of already started in this one, so let me know if that's something y'all like seeing!

That said, hope y'all enjoy the chapter, and not to toot my own horn, but it's practically 7k+ words of pure fluff, so I really hope y'all like it lol

"Wake up little one, we have a busy day planned" Lauren cooed, kissing the little girl on the head.

"Laur?" Camila asked groggily, blinking her eyes open.

"Hi baby, did you sleep well?" Lauren asked, brushing the stray hairs off of her face, and watching as the small girl stretched out, yawning and rubbing her eyes with small fists.

"Mhmm" the small girl hummed, rolling over onto her stomach.

"Well that's good angel, how about we get you dressed and then have a quick breakfast? I have to go into work today" Lauren said, helping the girl sit up.

"Can we go to Robbie's?" Camila asked, reluctantly pushing the warm covers off of her body.

"Of course! But this time you'll only be allowed one cookie okay? Don't think I don't see him sneaking you those cookies little miss" Lauren teased, tickling the small girl's stomach and making her curl her legs as she giggled.

"Yes mama" Camila laughed happily, watching Lauren send her a sweet smile before getting out of bed. She knew better than to try and get up yet, especially when she knew her diaper was wet.

"How's your tummy feeling babe?" Lauren asked, grabbing a package of wipes and starting to untape the girl's wet diaper.

"Better mama" Camila whispered, trying to turn over in search of Peter.

"Ah ah, you can grab Peter in a second, let mama change you first" the woman cooed, lightly tapping Camila's thigh to get her attention.

The small girl stayed still, waiting for Lauren to finish cleaning her up, and watching her wrap up the dirty diaper and wipes before setting them aside. The small girl immediately immediately popped up, crawling across the bed to grab Peter.

"What's a naked tushie doing crawling all over the bed?" Lauren teased, gently pulling the girl back by her foot.

Camila squealed, grabbing Peter and clutching him to her chest as Lauren pulled her back.

"Hi mommy!" She giggled, squirming around on the bed. Lauren just chuckled at the small girl, making sure she was settled before grabbing a package she'd left on the dresser.

"Mama can I have a nemo pull up?" Camila asked, still sleepily rubbing her eyes.

"Actually doll, today we're gonna try big girl panties! Isn't that exciting?" Lauren asked, pulling out a package of underwear she'd ordered online.

"But I want my nemo pullies" Camila pouted, watching Lauren open up the package and take one pair out.

"I know baby doll, but look what mama has!" Lauren asked, holding up the panties for the little girl to see.

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