Chapter 16: President Steel

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There was no better wakeup call than the kind that informed you that you would get to do a live execution on national television. Steel's plan to weed out the members of the Freedom Party was finally coming to fruition. His spies were delivering traitors from all over the country, right to his doorstep. Roger had tagged and identified all of them before putting them behind bars. President Steel was dressed in his finest suit with his wife by his side as he prepared to deliver a last minute speech. When his cameraman gave him the signal that this was being broadcasted, he plastered a smile over his wrinkled face greeting his little butterflies.

As usual his supporters rallied at the front of the stage waving New American flags and wearing his campaign pins,

"Revolts have been staged all over our glorious nation trying to thwart my attempts to revive this country. They call themselves the Freedom Party. Their goal is to 'restore' America to what it was before my presidency. They want to make me look like the bad guy, the villain in this story. They want to send us back into debt and turmoil. I will not let that happen. I will not let our country slip through the cracks, we will never be the laughing stock of the world."

Cheers erupted followed by the iconic chant, "Long Live President Steel." He lifted a hand to quell their fervor.

"So, what I did was track down each member, and brought them here to this stage."

His soldiers dragged each member of the Freedom Party onto the stage. The cameras all landed on their bodies turning into a heap on the floor. Steel shook his head at them in disappointment then faced his camera again.

"These men are traitors and enemies of the State. They have killed countless people through their attacks and will stop at nothing until we are in ruins. Today you will witness history. You will witness the day this country was saved. Today these men will die for their country. Today they will be absolved of their sins and finally be the model citizens we strive to be."

His snapped his fingers prompting his soldiers to line up each member at the edge of the stage. They pointed a gun to the backs of their heads. There was silence all over the nation as the guns were cocked. Steel pulled away from the microphone walking down the line of the damned. As he reached the end, he turned on his heel looking straight ahead.

"Fire." He ordered.

Louds pops burst in unison as each members fell forward with blood gushing out of their heads.

President Steel returned to the podium, gripping the sides of it.

"This is a warning to every single member of the Freedom Party. If you dare rise up against the Panel, I will have you on this stage meeting the same fate. There is no room for traitors here. You will not have a voice in my nation."

His supporters clapped as he stepped off the stage.

Steel climbed into his car heading back to the White House. There, waiting for him was both his wife and Roger. Mrs. Steel kissed his cheek then watched him and Roger enter the house. They headed into the Oval Office taking a seat around the oblong table. Roger placed a list in front of Steel that contained the list of names of the agents that had delivered the traitors.

"Make sure they get a bonus. As for the rest, keep an eye on them. The Freedom Party will be keeping quieter than ever and we need to find every last one of them. Bring me a list of active agents and bring me their reports."

"Yes sir."

Roger dipped out of the room to retrieve the reports that were sitting on his desk. Mrs. Steel was standing right outside the door, wearing her most revealing dress. Roger cleared his throat as he came up on her figure and looked behind him to ensure that Steel wasn't behind him.

"What are you doing?" he whispered.

"Waiting for you." She answered in her sultriest tone.

"Your husband is in his office."

"Yes and absolutely petrified about his image. He's busy executing people."

"He has cameras all over this house."

"None with audio and he's too old to know how to retrieve this video. Let's meet tonight, shall we?"

Roger sighed nodding his head. "Tonight in the gardens." He said.


She stepped away swaying her hips in the process. Roger couldn't help in watching her as she walked away fro him. When she was gone, he stepped into his office and collected the reports, hurrying back to his president. Steel looked through each one carefully, stroking his stubbly skin every now and then.

"Alright, listen, keep a close eye on these agents to ensure nothing happens to them."

"Yes sir."

"Take care that the bodies of the executed are put on display at the Washington Monument."

"But sir—"

"Do you think this is a joke, Roger? These men are traitors! I don't believe in forgiveness after death. They're going to be an example until we get every last member. Prop them up on stakes in front of the Washington Monument and when the bodies pile up prop them up around the reflecting pool."

"... Yes sir."

Thedevil had taken human form.    

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