Chapter 3

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Nic's POV

"Yeah. Why is there something wrong with it?" Sam had a face which shows she was rather confused

"Yeah. Didn't know you befriended a loser." Here we go again. She clicked her tongue walking away, her minions following her like she's some goddamn bird feeder. I just can't think of anything funnier to say at least.

Why can't they all just leave me alone. It's not like I did something to them. I'm just simply hiding behind the shadows, trying all my best not to be known around the school grounds, like a simple dork I am. But no, they chose to make fun of me, rather than leaving me all alone. I admit that it's not their fault that they became jealous of me, okay I was only kidding.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard what Sam said,

"Don't say something mean to her. Or else I am so gonna bitch slap your face."

The bitch was simply taken aback by her words, mouth agape and eyes widened as she didn't think that Sam could say something like that. Well damn, I thought of Sam as a sweet, innocent hottie but I didn't know she could speak like that. I too was a little surprised about her way of speaking, I admit. Suddenly I was taken aback by a strange ringing in my head.



Kill them.

And lick their blood. From the knife, you used on them.

No. Not this thing again.

Don't you think that it's already time to get back with your business?

No! That was before! Of course, I wouldn't do it again.

The strange noises and ringing slowly faded and I can now hear the voice from reality again. I don't want this. I don't want to be back from the way I was before. I don't like this. I certainly hate it.

I lowered my head and started doodling on the back of my notebook. Early in the morning and I am already getting tired. I should just let myself worry free. I was thinking of watching anime when I get back. And gosh how I hope nothing will happen later. I don't want those voices to consume me again.

Sam simply went to her seat silently. And while her so called 'friends' went to their seats too. Classes started and I admit that it was boring.


It was already lunchtime. People scattered around to find their tables and groups. I just simply got my tray and placed it at the table at the very back, which was much smaller than the other tables. I took out my phone and plugged in my earphones so that I can cover the annoying laughs from a table not far from me. As I was eating my food, someone clearly had to sit in front of me. Are they crazy? Why would they sit with me?

I looked up from my food and saw that it was just Sam. Damn her. Her gorgeous face in front of me was enough to make me red and look like a fool. I quickly went back to my food. I was clearly not in for a conversation with her right now since the incident happened.

I was shocked when she pulled my earphones away from my ears though.

"What the fuck?!" I blurted out

"It's rude to use your phone and ignore someone who is clearly trying to get your attention." she simply said and smiled

I can't help but blush even more, because who wouldn't. Her smile made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

"Okay okay." sheesh she says all that and here I am, looking like a tomato just because she smiled at me.

"I'm sorry for what happened at History class. They didn't mean any harm by it," she said while her eyes simply show worry.

Is she worried about me? No that can't be. It's not like they really hurt me though. She should be worried that maybe one day, I'll kill them unconsciously. Not like I'm going to say that to her. Neither am I planning to.


Sam's POV

Lunch came and I quickly went to the cafeteria to look for Nic. I hope she wasn't affected earlier though. I don't want to see someone who is important to me be sad.

Seriously, what's wrong with them saying nonsense about Nic. They don't even know how gorgeous she is. Her taste in style and hobbies match her perfectly. I wish she could be mine. And mine only, I don't want to share her.

I noticed how silent Nic is. I mean, I guess she didn't have any friends to talk to, but I'm here. And I'm ready to be her friend anytime.

I ate my lunch, noticing that Nic would sometimes stare at me, but I just smirk at her whenever I caught her. She can look at me how long she wants. I don't mind.

"Hey Nic?" I called out to her, making her jump a little

"Y-yes?" she stuttered and blushed a little

"Are we, you know, friends already?" I asked her, smiling and hoping that she would say that we are

"Well, o-of course we're friends, I guess. Since we talked to each other for hours already last time so I guess...well I don't know..." she started mumbling things which I couldn't quite catch.

My heart skipped a beat for a second when I heard that we were friends already. I can't even show how happy I am. I mean, I'm just too happy that we are now officially friends, not just some acquaintance.

I can see that Nic was still blushing a little. Oh my God, why can't she just be mine already? I can't wait that long. Of course, in order for her to become mine, I must do all the moves first. I don't care if it's a little embarrassing for me too, I just can't wait to make her fall for me.

We both heard the bell, informing us that we still have classes to attend to. We bid our farewell to each other. We both went to our respective classes. Until I heard someone called me.

"Sam? Is that really you?"


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