Chapter 2- Taken Home

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Ink's P.O.V

"We are taking Ink home!!!" Dream yelled. "How about no" Nightmare said, he grabbed me with his tentacles. I broke off and opened a portal. We all jumped in and the portal closed. I smiled. "Home..." I trailed off. I hugged Dream and Blue. "Thanks!" I said. "Your welcome!" Dream replied. They went to their home and I was left alone. I felt guilty for some reason. I don't understand why I feel guilty. Welp I must as well go to sleep.

Few minutes later~

I shot up with agonizing pain. I knew Error was destroying an AU. I got up and opened a portal to........Dreamtale? Strange. I mindlinked Dream and Blue that I was in Dreamtale.

I walked around to see Error in the middle. He turned to me and wrapped me in strings. He carried me to Nightmare's castle. "Got him"(Ain't doin Error's glitchy voice) Error said. He threw me and started breaking broomie. "BROOMIE!!!!" I yelped as he crushed it.

I felt anger and pain overwhelm me. It was too much pain, I screamed. "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I screamed. "WHY IN HELL WOULD YOU DESTROY MY BRUSH?!!!!!!" I yelled. He stepped back as I shifted into a tan wolf. I pounced on him and started biting him. "Ouch! HEY!!" He yelled. I growled and felt someone pet my head. I purred and relaxed. "Huh? Didn't know wolves are like dogs" Nightmare said. I turned to him blushing but since I'm a wolf it can't be seen.

He smirked which made me blush darker. I went and sat next to him, leaning on his leg. I was enjoying myself till Dream and Blue came through the door. I wanted to move away but was grabbed by Nightmare. He placed me on the couch and attacked Dream and Blue.

I put on some pants and shifted. I put on a shirt and fixed my scarf. I was walking away until I bumped into someone. I saw Horror holding an axe. I made a run for it. "SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!" I yelled running from Horror who was chasing me. I dove behind Nightmare and used him like a shield. He smirked which made me blush.

Horror stopped and smirked. "Didn't know you liked me~" Nightmare flirted. "S-shut it!" I stuttered. I pulled away from him to find Dream and Blue fangirling/fanboying. "Seriously?!" I yelled. "But the ship is real! InkMare!" Dream yelped. I blushed and growled at them. "InkMare huh, not bad" Nightmare said. "Not you too!!" I yelled. "But don't ya like me?~" Nightmare teased. I froze.

Dream and Blue smirked. "So he's the one you wrote in your diary~" Blue said. "How did ya even find my diary?!" I yelled. "Resources" Blue answered. My life is done........................

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