Phinks - New Character

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Okay, being completely honest, this is for my satisfaction. I added Feitan, and Phinks is bae too. You guys don't like him as much as you like Feitan? Fine by me 😜 He's mine anyway 😏
dont touch him. *yandere mode activated* 😈💀



How You Met:
You were the replacement for Uvogin, and Phinks actually thought you were pretty cool. He was the first one to talk to you other than Chrollo himself. You hung out with him and Feitan when you didn't want to feel like a loner. 😜


Becoming Friends:
After a while, he became friendly towards you. You would playfully hit each other, tease each other, and often do arm wrestles. He'd always win of course, because he's Phinks (and he's so bae). Friends was the appropriate word to use to describe the relationship between you two.


You just came back from a mission with Machi and Shizuku and walked into base. Usually Phinks would come up to you, but he was talking to Feitan. They've known each other longer, so you refused to interrupt, instead, you talked to Machi and Shizuku. It's been a couple of hours, and now Phinks is standing by himself, not walking up to you. Thinking something is wrong, you walk up to him, and ask.

"Nothing." He says, his arms folded. "I was just thinking about a way to tell you I like you"

"Um... Phinks... You-- you kind of just told me"

"I know. That was the way.."

"Eh? You were gonna wait all that time to full fill this plan"

"Told you it was stupid." Feitan snickered. You shrugged.

"Works for me!" You said, hugging Phinks.


Holding Hands:
Another arm wrestle. You held his hand firmly. Once Pakunoda ensured it was fair, the arm wrestle began. "If I win..." You say struggling. "We're going out for ice cream!"

"If I win" he says with no struggle. "We go to the arcade" with that, he pushed your hand down. You groaned, and snatched your hand away from him, slumping on your knees. "Bummer!" You say. Phinks laughs, and walks over to you.

"We can still go for ice cream"

"Yes!!" You say excitedly. You jump up, and he takes your hand. It was different from arm wrestling, but a good different. You two walked out of base, leaving the rest slightly confused.


First Kiss:
Phinks, Feitan, Nobunaga, Shalnark and Franklin were all going on some strange mission. That's most of your friends, except Machi, so you settled to talk with Machi, Paku, and Shizuku. Chrollo was discussing the mission to them.

"So, why only the guys?" You asked Machi.

"No clue." She said. You scrunched up your face, and turned to Paku and Shizuku.

"D'you guys know?"

They both shook their head in response. You sighed, and as soon as you turned your head, your face was really close Phinks'. "The mission might take a while" he sighed.

"Uh, yeah, okay..." You said, tucking some of your hair behind your ear. He gently tilted up your face with his fingers on your chin, and pulled you into a kiss. Your eyes fluttered close, and it took a moment for your brain to process what was happening. He parted, and left with the others, who seemed to be teasing him.

You felt your face heat up, as the girls teased you.


That's Cute On You:
This time you were sure to win to Phinks. You stood proudly, as you prepared for the arm wrestle match. 100 percent confident in yourself, you decided to taunt a bit.

As you cracked your knuckles, you walked up to him, and flip your hair over your shoulder.
"I want three scoops of ice cream on a chocolate cone. That's just for when we go out for ice cream because I kicked your butt by the way"

Phinks laughed, and crossed his arms.
"You sure about winning, Y/n?"

"Positive!" You put your hands on your hips, and stick out your tongue. "Just don't get too upset"

"I've never seen you so cocky before" he walked away mumbling "it's cute on you".


It was time! Phinks had firm face, and yours was in a smirk. You held his hand super firmly, as he did yours. Paku ensured it was fair. And... The match started!! You went in immediately for the kill, and almost had him. He was slightly surprised by the force you had. But, the match was turned around. You slightly panicked, giving it your all, again his hand was low, and you almost won, but no. Phinks overpowered you. Your face turned into a pout, and you fell back.

"Ah! How?!?! I was so close! Noooo!" You stood up, and folded your arms. You glared at Phinks, who was grinning like there was no tomorrow! And that irked you more. "This is only because you have no eyebrows! You hairless man!" You said. He stood there like this: 😑
"Are you being for real right now?" He said.

"😒" the look that says what do you think??

He scratched the back of his neck. "Sorry"

The rest of the troupe gave him a look that said "wtf are you apologizing for?!"

"We're going out for ice cream anyway" you said, running over, and holding his hand.

For some reason, Phinks and Feitan had been out all day. You were tired, and constantly rubbed your eyes. Chrollo called you over. "Yes, boss?" You asked.
He stared at you blankly for a bit, before closing his book. "You look terrible." He said. You raise an eyebrow, and yawn.

"Okay, yeah, I know. I'm waiting for Phinks to get back. I haven't seen him all day"

Chrollo smirked, and shifted. "Oh... So that's the reason" he snickered a bit. You folded your arms and looked away. "You'll look like this until he gets back?"

"Pretty much, yeah"

"Okay, well--"

"Dang, that last dude was such a buzz kill" a familiar voice said. It was Phinks, duh! Your eyes widened in delight, and you hop towards him, practically jumping into his arms.

"Gah! So tired!" You yawn into his chest. He smiles, and allows you to fully hug him, and he does the same to you. He walks to an empty place and enjoys the cuddle! ❤


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