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Heeeeiiilllooooooo! MINIONS ARE SO CUTE.

Anyways, so this book wasn't planned. Nah, not at all.

In fact, making covers and editing pictures was just my hobby...until I got an idea.

Since a lot of people were personally asking me to make them covers, I did. I mean, not to brag but I was generous enough to take time out of my day and spend it finding pictures, editing it and emailing them to whoever asked me.

It was going well but I was not getting enough followers on my account and votes on my books so I decided to make this cover-book thingy. This way it'll help people and get me followers.

It's a win-win situation.

Now for the covers, all you have to do is comment on this chapter or personally message me on wattpad or any other social media. (all my account details are at the end)

I'll try my best to reply to your message or comment and if I don't do it in a span of 1 day be sure to hit me up with another message.

Your covers will be posted on this book as a chapter with your usermane tagged.

Also one person can request as many times as he/she wants, as long as they have payed the payment down below.

I require the following in your request message/comment;

-A full description of the book.


-Subtitle (optional)


-Theme (dark, light etc)

-Any particular cast you would like on the cover (optional)

-What kind of picture it should be? (girl, boy, couple etc)

-Author name/any pen name you would like on the cover.

-Any particular font you would like (optional)

-Any particular font colour you would like (optional)

-Any picture you want me to use as the cover (optional)

-Your e-mail or any other account to send the cover to.

-Don't hesitate to add anything extra that you need on the cover!

In return of your cover, all I want is CREDIT and A FOLLOW from you.

That's my payment.

Follow me and for credit just be sure to mention the sentence, 'cover by @fatii227' in your book.

I'll be posting some samples for y'all to check out soon.

Until then,

Until then,-Fati☆

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