Chapter 25 | Percy's Perseverance And Their Exclaims

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Luke POV

"He asked you to do that?!"Xiana exclaimed once I told them what happened a few hours ago before official training. All her muscle pains and whining on the couch came to a sudden stop once I've finished speaking. "Like, what the Chaos? We actually had that conversation last night and suddenly, he comes to you and not to me! That is totally unfair."

"Hey,"Bianca called out from the table. "Atleast, he's this-"she held up her fingers in a pinching manner to show a little amount of space in between. "-close in forgiving Luke. That's a good sign."

"Definately a good sign."Zoe chimed in. "Luke had zero chances at the beggining."

Xiana sat straighter, "Actually, now that you mentioned that, I don't believe that to be true at all. After that conversation, I figured maybe the blame must be on him all along. I think he actually forgave you a long time ago, Luke. But what's killing him is his guilt."

"Guilt?"I frowned, "Guilt for what?"

"I dunno. That he gave you that fate? Or that he couldn't save Bianca? Or Zoë?"she shrugged.

I sighed, sometimes it's hard to explain everything to Xiana about the Gods, they were much more complicated than the Primordials. I hated Bianca amd Zoë for telling EVERYTHING that happened on Earth during our time. "The Fates gave me that fate even before I was born, that made my mother..."I struggled for the right term, "...cukoo remember?"

She snorted at my words, "Yeah, but he gave you that dagger. The dagger you gave to...was it Annabel? When she was seven?"

"Annabeth."I corrected. "And yes. But it was fated to happen."

"And that converstion just went to a full circle."Zoë said. "What she means is, Percy blames himself for not saving you-"she pointed to me, "or me," she pointed to herself, "or Bia."she pointed Bianca.

"But he's supposed to hate me! I tried to kill him for how many times? I couldn't even count how many!"

"I'm going to slap him."I heard Bianca say to herself.

"Tsk." I said frustratingly to Bianca. "What I mean is,"I said slowly. "I don't want him to be sorry for me or to be guilty. It was my fault. Plus, I guess Chaos was right. We should have stayed away. I think we remind him of Earth and from what I saw from him earlier he wants to forget about it completely."I sighed.

Xiana groaned and threw her head back. "Di Immortales, Let's just stop thinking about it. Just go with him to Chaos and be done with it."she said. "He acts like he's so special."

"Xia!"Bianca exclaimed.

"What? It's true! Don't be too wary for him. He may carry a lot of burdens right now, but we get to that point in life as well! He just needs to be stronger than he already is. That's what Ananke only wanted."she rolled her eyes and rested back to the sofa. "He needs to get out of that shell and see the light in the universe."

We all fell silent, reflecting her words. Somehow, thare is truth in it. Percy is really being unfair to everyone. But, I am in debt to him. He freed me from Kronos. And that is something I will never forget until I die again. I have no choice but to understand his state of mind. Something on Earth destoyed something in him, and I want to know the full details.

"Give him a break, Xia."Bianca said, obviously not agreeing with her.

"I did."Xiana retorted. "I did. But it has lasted for too long. 3 months?!"

"I know but-"Bianca groaned in frustration.

"Both of you just stop it."Zoë said. "Let's stop thinking about it, for now."

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