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You look at your teddy bear collection, smiling at your precious babies. Speaking of, Gon walks in. He slumps on the bed looking bored, and pulls you down with him. You lightly blush, and burry your face in the crook of his neck.

He wraps his arms around you, and you do the same. "You okay, Gon?" You ask. He smiled.

"Yup! I just need someone to cuddle!"

You smile, as he squeezes you tighter. ❤

You lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking to yourself, and feeling peaceful. Killua walks in, and you look at him. "Killua! Cuddle with me!" You say excitedly. He raises an eyebrow before, slowly backing out of the room. Well, he could've just said he didn't want to...

A few moments later he came back in different clothing, looking more comfortable. He gets in bed with you, and wraps his arms around you, with a slight blush. You smile, and sink into his arms happily. ❤

You stare at the ceiling, in your room. Picking out the patterns that you never knew were there. It was actually quite entertaining. A good way to keep yourself busy, while Illumi had work to do.
Your room door suddenly opens, and Illumi stands there. You smile at him. His facial expression doesn't change, as he walks over to your bed, and sits on the edge.

You raise your eyebrows, and pull him into bed. He becomes stiff as a board, and you roll your eyes playfully. "Come on Illumi! Let's cuddle!" You say. He glances at you, and slowly and awkwardly wraps his strong arms around you. You snuggle into his chest. "There you go". He eventually relaxes, and the cuddle is nice. ❤


As you're walking by your couch, Hisoka grabs your waist, and pulls you onto the couch next to him. Strange. He's not one to show normal affection.

"Reason?" You asked.
He sighs.

"No worthy opponents nowadays" he said. You smile, and wrap your arms around him, getting comfortable. Perfect cuddle opportunity.

You always knew there was a bit of normal in him. Even if you are only cuddling because there's no one interesting for him to fight! ❤

You just came back from a mini mission with the rest of the troupe. A really cool sales thing someplace. Hm, didn't matter what it was called. There were cool jewels and necklaces and stuff, so you stole it.

As you admired the necklace you stole with a diamond on it, you heard Chrollo call for you.
"Y/n, come here" he said. You smiled and walked over to him. He turned you around and put on your necklace. After that, he pulled you onto his lap, and hugged you, and rested his chin on your shoulder.

The troupe members stared at you two surprised, and went to talk about it with each other. You lightly blush, relax into the cuddle. ❤

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