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Nathan's P. O. V.

I search her face looking for her reaction at the candle lit dinner. The smile on her face grows even wider.
"Your just full of surprises tonight." Lahlani laughs taking her seat as I push the chair back in for her.

I smile at her getting ready to sit down. Before I feel the busing in my pocket. And the usual IPhone ringtone ring through me ears.
I groan at the interruption before I pull my phone out of the pocket of my jeans.

Looking at the caller ID. I prepare myself knowing that I will be receiving some results and they can be good or they can be bad.
"Bella, sorry I will be right back. I need to take this." I say staring into her big brown eyes.

Smiling at me she nods her head.
"Go ahead its fine you do not need to apologize. I hope everything is fine." She says as I stood up from my seat answering the call after about the 4 or 5th ring.
Opening the double doors to the house I step inside cracking the door.

"This is him." I respond after the Dr. had asked for me.

"Sorry, to call on such short notice. But we've gotten the test results back from Lahlani's CT scans."

"And? Come on Doc I don't have all night what are the results?" I anxiously ask.

"Well the test came back negative. From what you've told me. I'd say that she has PTSD and that she's blocked out everything. But you'd need to get a second opinion on it from a professional phycologist. But that is up to you."

I turn around facing the window seeing Lahlani watching the sunset. I let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry PTSD? Why do you think she has that?" Well you said before the accident and before you were deployed she'd constantly space out and have nightmare-"

"Yeah but she stopped having them a few weeks before I even left. I thought it was just because she was worrying about her ex husband finding her?"

"That could be a possibility as to why but it is not likely." He admits. As I close my eyes annoyed at how her ex husband had caused a mess of things and he isn't even here.

Realizing the my fists are balled up seeing that my knuckles ate starting to turn white. Releasing my fist I feel the tension leave me hands.

"Okay, um thanks Dr. Vernon. Okay I need to get back to Lahlani now, Bye." I say not waiting for his response instead hang up.

Yet again my plans are interrupted. Rolling my eye I walk back out into the yard.
Turning around hearing the door. Lahlani smiles at me walking my way.
"I'm sorry babe we are going have to put all this on pause for now. We need to go see Anne it's important." I groan. Wanting to get this all done now better than later.

"Um that's okay. But what's wrong?" Lahlani furrows her eyebrows causing them to connect together as a look of concern makes it's way onto here face.

"I will try and explain later but we just need to go." I rush as she nods her head.


Shutting my car door behind me I walk around to Lahlani's side opening the door for her.
"Thank you" she smiles while I only nod. Closing the door for her I wrap my arm around her waist as we start walking up to her Anne's house.

Lahlani suddenly stops walk-in and it like her feet are glued to the ground as she just stares straight ahead. Following her gaze I notice that she is staring at the front door. With a look of terror.

Staring back and forth between the door and her trying to figure out why she looks so afraid.
"Bella?" I gently shrug her shoulder with my free hand trying to get her attention.

"Lahlani." I try again. Causing her to look up in my direction.
"Are you all right?" I asked knowing that my voice is laced with concern at the moment.

She blinks a few times before turning her head my direction.
"I'm fine." She states. Looking at me than looking away.
Nodding I lead us to the door with her trailing close behind me.

What had her in such thought. It so hard to believe that she doesn't remember all the shit that happened to her .

Man this is not even close to how I wanted to spend our anniversary.
Shit, this is not even how I planned things to go for today either.

Standing in front of the door I ring the door bell hear of after at a distance.
"I'm coming!" I hear Anna yell through the door.

Hearing the clicking and the latches of the door before it was quickly opened by a smiling Anna.
"Hi Anna." I grin greeting her as she pulls mW into a hug.

"Hey, Nathan." She grins before pulling away and looked over at Lahlani with her smile growing bigger.

"Lahli! I'm so glad to see that you are better. Oh come in please... How are the twins?" She says rushing us into her house.

"I was still well the last time you saw me. They are getting so big you need to come by the hospital soon to see how big there gotten. Its crazy how little they were. Doctor says if they keep going the that they are going we might be able to take them how in at least a week or 2." Lahlani cheerfully stated as we make our way to the family room.

"Lahlani, the last time I saw you, you were half sleep while breast feeding the twins. And that's great news sweet I can't wait to see the little angels."

"So how have you two been?" Anna ask raising her eyebrows specifically at me and I knew exactly why. When Lahlani's not looking at me I nod my head no at Anna and she nods.

"Pretty good actually. But it would've been nice to have the twins home with us instead of us leaving to go to the hospital everyday to see them. But it is worth is to see their little sweet faces and spend time with them. Because the longer I go without them the more I worry." Lahlani grins.

Ready to get this all over with as politely as I possible can, I interrupt.

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