Chapter 1

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Wondering the halls of the school Jimin looks dead. He looks like he hasn't slept in days. He looks like he's about to pass out. No one cares though because they're the ones who caused it to happen. They caused him to look like a truck ran him over...... Twice.

Jimin is 19 years old going to BitHit University. He was just fine throughout high school but when he said his secret to his so called friends. His life became a living hell. His friends were dicks and told everyone he was gay. Jimin trusted them, he told them about his life and they told everyone.

At home it's different. His parents honestly doesn't care about his sexuality or any of his problems, they just care about their work. His dad being the chief of police and his mom being a chef in her own restaurant. Jimin is all alone and he can't do anything about it.

When he got home he was surprised that his father was home. 'Must be work related.' Jimin thought and he was correct. As he walked in the house he heard his dad screaming on the phone.

"What do you mean she had no blood left in her body!! That's impossible!" His father yelled and Jimin set his bag on the couch and went into the kitchen for some water. "This is bullshit how can someone be found dead with no blood in or around them?!" Jimin grabbed a bottled water and went back in the living room and grabbed his bag. "Oh hold on one minute...... Hey Jimin."

"Yes dad?" His dad walked up to him and looked at his face. "What is it?" Jimin moved back and his father put the phone back to his ear.

"I'll call you back." He hung up and looked at his sons appearance. "Jimin son, what happened to you?" Is what he said.

"Nothing, just haven't been sleeping well is all. What's with the case about the victim not having blood?" Jimin wanted to change the subject and he's glad it worked.

"For some reason they found a hocker dead in an ally with no blood in or out the body. It's bullshit. How is that possible?" Jimin looked into his bag and pulled at a very old history book.

"I read in here, that 400 years ago there were vampires and werewolves but the vampires live longer and you know how they stay alive." His dad nodded but still looked at Jimin in disbelief. "1617 is the year they came about to humans. But they probably lived longer then us would ever think of."

"Jimin, the vampire idea is stupid." His dad said and Jimin nodded. "You could be a wonderful police officer one day but these silly ideas of Vampires has to go."

"Right, sorry dad."

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