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Cyber Love (boyxboy)

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Cyber Love

"Heey!! Why'd you stop?" I was enjoying watching him strip via webcam. His chest was so lickable. If I had 76¢ for every time I day dreamed about licking a sundae off his well-toned torso, I'd be the richest person in the world.

"To tease you," he replied. "I like when you pout and your bottom lip trembles. The cutest thig ever."

"Cuter than a baby polar bear and penguin cuddling?" My eyes squinting as I asked suspiciously. He chuckled and nodded. My smile slowly faltered as my eyes caught sight of the time.

"Whats wrong baby?" his voice filled with so much concern I didn't want to look at his beautiful face. Avoiding his eyes, I sighed. "You have to go.." My voice sounded like a whine. Like when the little toddler is being forced to go see the man in the mouse costume, Chucky Cheese. I hate that guy. He's all 'Oh I'm a signing mouse. I don't expect to scare the pee out of little children at all' Dude your a BIG R-A-T. Noone likes rats.

"BABE!!" I was shooken out of my thoughts by a voice that sounded distant. "Paiten!"

"Whaat!!" I yelled, tottaly forgetting I was on video chat with my boyfriend. He laughed with a shake of his head. He blushed as he explained, "Our two year anniversary is coming up in a few days..." He let the sentence hang loose. "I know.. Two whole years."

We stared into each others eyes as heE blew me a kiss. I slowly mouthed I Love You and he copied after. My hand formed in a half heart and I pressed it against the computer screen. He did the same before longing off. I don't know how long I stared at my black screen but when I glanced at the clock the numbers told me that it was waaaay past my bedtime at 2:39.

When I got to my bed, there was a trail of clothes that led from the computer chair to the edge of my bed. Yawning and stretching, I pulled the blankets over my body and snugIled into my pillows, wondering what it would be like if I could go to sleep with someone by my side each night. Someone to fall asleep to as you dream of them. Someone to wake up to as they kiss you good morning. What I wouldn't do to just have that for one late night and one early morning.


guuuuyyss, felllooowwwws, &&& gaaaalls.

Young lads, mates & amigos.

This- is my new story 'Cyber Love' it's gunna be a short storry (:

Like maximum.........15? I guueess.

Tell me whaat youu homies think D:

Peace out skillets!

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