Emotionless Part 1.

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Broken. Rage. Sadness. Disgust. God there were so many emotions that I felt at this moment. I stood there taking in the scene in front of me like the others. They didn't notice a thing, they were to busy in their own little world to notice that we stood there watching them.

Tyga:"Kendall!"He yelled making them pull away abruptly and look at us in shock. I stood there starring at them while everyone was throwing questions them at them or swearing them.

Zayn:"What the fuck!"

Bella:"You said you weren't cheating on her Kendall!"

Gigi:"We asked you the fucking question!"

Hailey:"And you said NO!"

Kylie:"You lied to our fucking faces!"

Abel:"What the hell Kendall! And you!"He said pointing to Asap"You're her fucking friend! And mines!"He said disgusted. I tried speaking up but I honestly couldn't find the strength to.

Kendall:"Y/n..."She said looking at me making me look at her. I looked at her and I felt like my world crashed. I built everything with her...I gave her my everything. I looked over at Asap and felt my blood boil even more. I walked over to him pushing the guys out of the way and punching him square in the jaw while the guys held Kendall back.

Y/n:"You son of a bitch!"I said punching him again and again. I punched him once more making him groan. I woke up and starred at him and then looked at her. Everyone looked at me scared of what might happen next.


Y/n:"No one talks!"I said yelling making them all go quite and flinch"Is this why you've been so distant? Cause you were fucking my friend behind my back?"I yelled at her making her flinch.


Y/n:"Answer the question Kendall! I'm not asking you to I'm telling you to or so help me god I'll kill him"I said trying to control my temper.

Kendall:"Yes"She said making me laugh bitterly.

Y/n:"You couldn't keep your legs closed could you?"I said making everyone look at me shocked including her"I trusted you....after all the shit you put me through...I trusted you"I said looking at her.

I looked at everyone and shook my head walking pass them all. I was walking through the crowd of people ignoring my name being called and just walked out. Have you ever felt  so angry that you were calm in a moment? That you felt as if nothing could make you feel anything? You were just lost.

Zayn:"Y/n!"He yelled as I was walking down the stairs to my car. I stopped and turned around looking at them making them stop dead in their tracks.

Y/n:"What?"I asked as my voice cracked a little.

Kendall:"Can we just talk? Lets talk and then we can decide on something...please! You can't go anywhere like this"She said making me laugh bitterly at her.

Y/n:"Oh so now you care....no thanks I'll be better of away from you"I said looking at them once more before I turned around and walked to my car ignoring the calling of my name.

I hopped in my car and sped off looking to see them all disappear as I drove further away from them. I gripped the starring wheel and pressed the accelerator not paying attention to my surroundings. All I could think about is Kendall and Asap. There was only one question on my mind at that moment....what did I do wrong? Before everything went black.


We all screamed her name as she sped off not spearing us a second glance. I've seen Y/n angry and upset but something about this just didn't seem right and I had a bad feeling about this. We all turned and faced Kendall.

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