Chapter 9️⃣

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Elijah's P.O.V              

Opening my eyes, I saw Jacob looking at me with wide eyes, before lifting his hands and starting to wave like a maniac. Giving him a weird look, I turned my side way tilted head to face forward causing my eyes to locked with beautiful sea blue ones.

"Good morning sleeping Beauty!" The girl chirped.

She looks familiar, oh wait! It's the girl from last night!

"Hey Angel, I'm delighted to see you again." I said, gaining a perplexed look from Jacob.

"I would say the same but that would be a white lie." Alyssa shook her head before continuing "Now, greetings over. Let's get to business shall we."

Swinging her legs off the table, she jumped up from the chair before starting to walk in circles around me. I tried to stand up but couldn't move and felt my skin burn. Looking down I noticed a rope tied tightly around me.

God, I need to get out of here.

Taking in my surrounding I noticed I was in cafe bliss, the whole cafe empty. The blinders were shut, the place eerily quite and dimly lit.

Looking towards Jacob he mouthed 'save yourself, your gonna get raped, kidnapped and forced to get married'
My eyes widened

That's what she wants to do! She wants to kidnap me! Force me to get married and take away my virginity! Wait I'm not a virgin.

"I know what you want." I stated with confidence.

"You do?" Alyssa asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Your gonna, kidnap, force me into marrying you and rape me." I said with a smirk.

Alyssa stopped in front of me and leaned closer. Both of her arms on each side of my chair, She leaned in close to my ear and whispered in a low tone "you got that right, but how did you figure it out."

"Ja-Jacob told me." I whispered back to her, starting to get scared.

what! A part of me  wants to believe that Jacob's joking but hearing angel's tone I don't think they are and also the fact that Jacob is looking at me with a petrified expression while biting his nails with one of his arm on his hip isn't helping. Superman!! help me!!

We all stood there- well not me the other two were standing, I was just practically being hugged by this bootyful white chair. So as I was saying we all stood there for about 5 minutes before hearing soft chuckles followed by a pig snort. Wait actually just a normal human snort but you do get what I am saying. right?

I turned my head towards toward the source of the amazingly disgusting pig snort just to see Alyssa lean back and burst out laughing. "Oh-oh my god, you dimshits actually believed me!" She screamed. "1. I had said that to Jacob just for fun. 2. This is getting really annoying and Woman, I would never marry or rape you. 3. Why would I rape you when after you fled away I had washed my mouth more than 50 times, just because you had kissed me. If i rape you I have to do more than just kiss you"

"What you washed your mouth after kissing me!? And hey I thought we established the part where I am NOT a woman." While Screaming, I glared at her.

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