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"you know, actually you are allowed to tell me about everything, lucas" says koeun again. "everything. all your feeling. your life. i think that we have a lot of similarites. and i feel like, rather than you died on your sleep, you better pour all the black poison from your head" the girl takes a deep breath. "i think that's more healthy"

"you can tell that kind of things to yeri. your interest. everything! starting from now on. okay?"

lucas can't hear or see koeun clearly anymore. in one beat of reflexity, everything that he see, suddenly it all changes. suddenly the world is sleeping and impuls from his brain pushes him to do things that he never courage to even think about it before. something that step down his rationality and morality.

there. in front of him. clearly, it's yeri.
the girl who understand everything about himself.
and is willing to be his home.

and just for tonight, he doesn't want to hold back his sadness anymore.
just for tonight, he doesn't want to let go his yeri anymore. not anymore.
he has been too tired for it all.
he wants this night to sweep all of his insecurities.

lucas embrace koeun tightly inside his arms, drowning his face to her for time that he doesn't want to count, and everything flowing just like that without wall.
not anymore.

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