Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Seth's P.O.V

        Erecting from my seat, I placed the empty glass onto a nearby table. The program was over and the senior home raised a little over their goal. Aged people filed out of the room, their eyelids nearly fluttering shut. The men and women that scurried about the space frowned, rolling large yellow waste bins and cleaning sprays across the marble tile. I had promised to stay back and assist with the clean up and could possibly even get a chance to speak to Amy.

       I started to stack the chairs, only to interlude when I apprehended Amy collecting the music notes that had scattered along the edge of the keyboard. I grabbed two glasses of Hawaiian Punch and ambled towards the stage, the heels of my boots clicking blatantly with every step I took. “Hey,”

“Um, hi.” Amy breathed, her brows furrowed in confusion. “I’m sorry, do I know you?” Her lips are pursed, and Amy’s eyes examine my features once more. A pair of B- cups taunt me, and I look away, reluctant.

“I love you!” I blurted, pressing my palms onto my flushed cheeks. “I mean--I’m sorry... I just wanted to say your performance was amazing!” I hastily shoved the glass into her hand. “I think you’re really pretty,” In response, the red liquid sloshed in its container, dropped to her dress, and the glass toppled to the floor. I heard a voice tsk tsk, and more squeaky wheels. Oops.

Amy’s nostrils flared.“Thanks,” She glared at the shattered glass that had landed at her feet; her eyes angrily flickering from her feet to the bright red stain that had formed onto her figure flattering dress. “You just made my day.”

“Sorry. I come here quite often. I never saw you... Are you new?” I inquired in curiosity, handing her a cluster of paper towels.

“Really? I've seen you here a lot of times. You’re always with that girl with the green eyes.” She scrubbed callously, only removing her hand to push away the locks of hair that managed to fall from behind her ears.

“Green eyes? Oh, Maisey!”

“She’s your wife right?”

“Oh no, she’s my little sister. I’m single right now.” I said, and suddenly Sophia came into my mind. I frowned, shaking my head and focussing on the present.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” She quickly apologized, gazing at the printed flats that canvassed her otherwise bare feet. Amy looked a bit relieved, but just as the emotion appeared, it disappeared.

“Don’t apologize, it’s fine. But I do have to ask you one thing.” Amy nodded in reply, tossing the used paper towels into the waste bin that stood beside her.

“Do I look old? ‘cause I’m only 25. Should I be married or in a relationship?”

“No, no! I was just assuming.” She paused before continuing. “Take me for example. I’m 22, about to be 23 and I’m not in a relationship either.”

“Thanks Amy. That really makes me feel better. My family is always bugging me about getting settled down. But I guess I’m not the only one right?”

“Yep,” She chirped enthusiastically, letting her shoulders slump in defeat.

“I never knew you could speak that loud Amy.” Vanessa interjected. “Whoa do you need a pad?” She scoffed, placing a rumpled can of Coke onto the piano and pointing to the faded red stain that adorned Amy’s dress.

“What do you want?” Amy inquired, letting out a frustrated sigh. "And it's a... It's a design. By the way." She quickly added.