Meeting the Hokage

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Hi, I am soooo sorry that I have not been uploading. I guess that I have been super busy with soccer

and school that I have almost no time to write stories. I will try to make this a long chapter for you.



                                                                              Lexi's POV

 "OMG," i mentally squealed," Naruto was on me." Hannah helped me drag him off of me because every time he tried to stand up he would almost stab me with the kuni that he had in his hand.

Instead of helping me up Gale and Cassidy stood on the sidelines giggling at my predicament. I gave them one of my famous glares that would make anyone scared of me. I guess they are used to it cause they started to laugh a lot harder.

"Hey, what are you four doing out here. I have never seen you in the village before." shouted naruto. I just stood up and brushed off my pants.

Now my friends are not the best liars so I had to come up with something."We have been traveling around the world and desided that this was the best place to live." I quickly lied.

"Oh well, let me take you to the old ma.., sorry hokage. Believe it!" he said. I had to hold in a chuckle.

"okay, lead the way."screamed cassidy. I shushed her. Gosh, she was so loud. But she was one of my best friends so i guess that all of them are loud.


We were walking up the stairs to the Hokages office."God, what is with all these stairs,"moaned Hannah.

"Shut up, I have to carry Gale and do you see me complaining."hissed Cassidy. I rolled my eyes at them

"You guys are all out of shape." Naruto and I said at the same time. I looked at him and laughed. All of a sudden we all started to laugh. When we all got to the Hokage office the laughter ended ubruptly.

I was a little nervous but I knew how to lie well and I knew our last names. But the problem was that what if he did not believe us. I mean seriously. Four girls that are about 13 years old and are traveling alone.

This is another world i had to remind myself. Children grow up faster. Naruto opened the door and I suddenly had to cough."God, he smokes a lot." i grumbled in my head.

"Oh my. I am so sorry. What can I do for you." the hokage asked gently.

I smiled and said," Hello my name is Lexi. Over there are my friends Cassidy, Hannah, and Gale. I was wondering if we could live in your village and become ninjas."

He looked at me thoughtfully," Okay but I have to know your last names."

My smile almost slid off my face but then i put it back on. The whole time I was thinking," should i tell him our real names or fake ones." I decided that it would be better if I dont lie

"Okay my name is Lexi Uchiha. My friends names are Gale Tamashi, Hannah Koshi, and Cassidy Inzuro." I said quietly but I knew he could hear me.

He looked at us in a mixure of shock and excitment. " I can not believe we found you four after all this time." He then summoned some ANBU."Please get Sasuke Uchiha and bring him here."  The ANBU bowed then poofed out. Then the hokage turned to us. " I am afraid to tell you that only Lexi has family left, but you are allowed to stay with her at the Uchiha mansion.