Chapter 14 Full Recovery

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I woke up, not to my alarm, but to my very naked boy sitting up on me straddling my waist with a big excited smile on his face.  Wait, wasn’t he wearing boxers and a T-shirt when I put him to bed last night? 

“For once I’m up before you!” he exclaimed, full of vibrant energy, a far cry from two days ago.  I insisted on a quiet day yesterday, even though the doctor pronounced him fully recovered and we had an early night so it didn’t surprise me he was up at the crack of dawn. 

“You should sleep in,” I scolded, “you’re still recovering.” 

“I’m fine!” he insisted.  “I was fine yesterday and you didn’t even let me go to the gym.  I’m even more fine today,” he emphasized.  “Dr. Cortez said that I could resume all normal activity…he said I recovered like a trooper,” he added proudly. 

“That you did!” I agreed.  His colour was back, his eyes were once again sparkling and the little pout his mouth was making was causing an electrified sensation to shoot through my lower stomach right to my groin.  The fact that his little round butt was sitting right on my cock didn’t help matters.  Especially when he bounced around trying to get my attention. 

“Where did your clothes go?” I asked amused. 

“I took them off!  I like to sleep naked, like you!”  Was he so innocent that he didn’t know that everything about him was turning me on?  I slid my hands down his sides and cupped his pert ass cheeks, making him yelp.  I kept my hands there kneading and pressing him down further onto my shaft.  His face flushed and I watched as his angelic expression turned lust filled and hungry.  His lips parted taking in deep breaths while staring hungrily at my mouth. 

I leaned up slightly just as he leaned down and we met in a kiss so passionate, it beguiled his youth and inexperience.  “Mmmm …Masterrr…” he moaned into my mouth, “I want…I want…” 

“What baby?” I murmured. 

“You…” he whispered breathily. 

I let out a deep growl from deep in my chest and rolled us over so I was caging him with my body.  “You have to be absolutely sure about this baby,” I said as I began to grind my hips into his. 

“I am…I want you…inside of me,” he confessed tentatively. 







Was I nervous?  Scared?  Hell yeah!  But whenever I was around Nico I just…well I just wanted him.  I wanted him all over me, I wanted him touching every part of me and thinking about him making me his, completely, made me harder than I could handle.  He was everything to me now and I wanted to be everything to him.  I thought that if I gave that last part of me to him, I would then be tied to him and he would never send me away.  I know it didn’t make sense, but the thought of not being with him scared me more than the possibility of pain.  I would do anything for him, anything he wanted me to do, just to stay with him.  And I knew he wanted me that way, I don’t care if it hurts, I want him to take me, to claim me. 

Nico let out something between a moan and a growl and ground his whole body into mine.  His lips clamped on my neck so I move my head to give him better access.  His teeth teased my skin as he sucked and licked the sensitive area just above my collar bone.  It stung a little, but there was more pleasure than pain as tingles radiated all through my body.  My erection strained against his lower stomach and I couldn’t keep from moving my hips in an effort to find some friction. 

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