chapter 11

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Mira's POV:

* When Natsu came in*

I was at the bar cleaning up, when suddenly, a handsome shirtless man with salmon hair busted through the guild doors.

It was silent for a few minutes, until the strange man broke the silence.

I wasn't really paying attention to him though.

My attention was focused on my younger sister, Lisanna.

I noticed that when the strange man was talking she hiked up her skirt a little bit, showing a portion of her underwear.

Growling, I was just about to go punch some sense into her when suddenly, the mysterious man sprinted up the stairs and into the room where Lucy was sleeping.

Everyone was once again shocked. No one moved for a second.

Then Lisanna suddenly stood up and ran up the stairs. Soon everyone followed behind her.

Putting down the glass I was holding, I calmly walked up the stairs and walked through the crowd.

Entering the Infirmary I almost had a fangirl sezure.

Because there, lying on the bed together,was the mysterious man and Lucy!?

Suddenly, my shipping senses were goings off the charts!

These two were perfect for each other!

Now all I had to do was find out this man's name... Then I would give this ship a name!

I was so caught up in my thoughts about the ship, I almost didn't notice Lisanna trying to wake up the sleeping couple.

Leaping forward, I grabbed Lisanna by her short nasty arce hair and dragged her out of the Infirmary.

" If anybody wakes that couple up, I will personally put you in an eternal slumber. Do I make myself clear?", I asked in the sweetest tone possible.

Everyone nodded and ran away in fear.

Smiling, I glanced down at my sister to see her glaring at me.

Um, who does she think she's looking at?
Some random person off the street?

Returning the glare, Lisanna quickly scampered away.

Sighing, I took one look at the sleeping couple before slowly walking away.

" Soon my ship, soon you shall sail!
Lisanna's POV: ( 🤒😷)

Oh my gosh.

Mira is soo, annoying!

Who does she think she is, keeping me away from my true love!

I mean, come on! Who could resist these looks!

Growling in frustration, I slowly walked out out the guild and looked at the Infirmary window.

Just wait Lucy, I'm gonna make that guy love me.

Even if I have to kill you to do it...

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