Icecream [Karma Akabane]

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Clarification: You and Karma are dating, one day a random girl confesses to him. She wants to take your mannnnn away.

Uhhh I made this 3 months ago from today and that's when I wrote too much for scenarios.

Have a specific one for Karma. I have up for this scenario/drabble?


Karma will mostly likely act like it was nothing. He will reject the girl bluntly. He will explain he and you are dating.

You were currently walking with Karma down from the mountain, hands entwined.

After a long day of training and 2 failed attempts to kill Koro~sensei, you had decided to go with Karma to get an ice cream.

It took a few minutes to get to the icecream store, when you arrived you gasped at how much people were there.

There was a huge line and it went outside too. Many of the people in the line were students from your school.

You and Karma joined the line, waiting patiently. Waiting in the hot sun. After a while, the line shortened and you were inside.

"Ummm..." a female spoke up. You turned around to see (Random Girl's name). "Yes what's wrong?" you asked concerned.

"Can I speak to Karma?" the girl spoke with more confidence. "I need to ask him something important."

Karma looked at the girl and gave her a small smile. He walked out with the girl.

You sighed, 'fck Karma hurry up! It's time to order soon. I don't want to be in this line for 5 minutes and not get a treat' you spoke to yourself.

You wondered how long did it take a mini talk to happen. Suddenly you heard voices.

"Oh my they look cute together!" a woman whispered in the distance.

"Such a cute girl, I wish I was her girlfriend!" a boy spoke.

You looked outside and you saw the girl handing an envelope to Karma. You tried to cover your eyes and get ready to be betrayed, dumped by Karma Akabane.

You wish you could hear what they were talking about. You could only lip read a few sentences.

Karma pushed the envelope away from the girl. And spoke in a calm tone, "I'm sorry b*t I c**'t cheat on *****!" "Why are *** choosing that btch *** me?" the girl shrieked. "*** sorry ****** final!" he spoke before walking back into the shop.

You sighed in relief as you watched the girl stomp away from the shop. Karma headed into the store.

It was now your turn to order.

"I would like a...." you stuttered nervously.

"two strawberry icecreams!" a familiar voice spoke. You turned around and saw your red head boyfriend, smirking.

"Sure that will be ¥(Yen ammount). You smiles happily at your boyfriend as you got your icecream. Little did you know a certain creature was spying.

He was scribbing notes in his book and his whole face was pink...

Karma x Reader [DRABBLE]


"cute" stuff I wrote back then when my mind was so angsty lmao.

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oh lol my book is 6.66k damn

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