Chapter 23

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Y/N's POV:

"Y/n please take these to the makeup trailer" a crew member asked as they gave me a big box filled with brand new makeup supplies

"Got it" i said then began to make my way towards the trailer. Once I was finally in I set the box down on top of the workstation and as I was going to walk out I heard Sofias laugh

She was on the other side of the mirror chilling on the couch. She couldn't see me but I could see her with dove on the reflection of the Mirror

"So what happened?" Dove asked and Sofia let out a breath with a smile

"Oh my god" she said while rubbing her hands through her face "I thought he'd be all abs and Attitude, but he's- he's actually really sweet" she said

"Oooh is someone crushing?" Dove said while laughing

"Oh please" she said "I just got out of my relationship with y/n i think I'm fine being alone for now" she said

"So you're not thinking of dating Thomas?" She asked

"No of course not. At least maybe not now" she said and dove stared at her "or ever I don't know"

"are you still going to hang out with him again today?" Dove asked

"We'll see. I'll probably be too tired to do probably not" Sofia said "but like I said I don't know. I don't see him much as anything but a friend, As it is I'm still trying to sort my feelings out about y/n" Sofia said

"What? Do you plan on getting back with her? Or?" Dove asked

"I honestly don't know. She hurt me real bad dove. And she broke the one promise she said she wouldn't break. How could I return to someone like that" she said "and it's not like I can just stop loving her you know?! I mean even if I could I wouldn't want to because I'll always love her but you know it's just I don't know if I could trust her again" Sofia said

"Yea I get you. Look obviously it disappointed all of us especially since she doesn't seem like the type of person to do that but maybe you should talk to her. Talk out your feelings sort it out. Or if you're still not ready to talk about it then just stay friends and maybe someday it'll happen on its own again" dove said

I was about to try to listen to what Sofia was gonna say but I heard my name being called through my in ear walkie talkie. I was trying to ignore it but it got annoying

I frustratedly made my way out the trailer and responded to the damn person


We were currently having a meeting. The whole cast and crew were around and I was just standing on the side. Not even really paying attention. My mind was only focused on Sofia. Wondering if she'd actually even consider dating that guy

I kept my gaze on the ground not looking up at anyone and only trapped in my thoughts

I got startled when I heard a bunch of claps and then the circle started to fade once everyone started walking away

I then felt someone's hand on my arm

"Are You okay?" I looked up and saw the eyes of the woman on my mind

I coughed a little and cleared My throat "yea, yea I'm good" I said

"Something's on your mind what is it? Are you good?" She asked and I nodded with a smile

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