📈Ch.32 I Think💓

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Ch.32 I Think

I felt my body being pressed against the wall more as the kiss deepened, everything thing instantly melted away from my mind. All my anger, stress, sadness, false hope. It all faded away.

My soul beated rapidly in my chest as we pulled away gasping slightly for air, but we froze the moment our eye's opened and made contact.

My body and PJ's was pressed against on the wall, my arms wrapped around his neck as one of his hands were on my waist, and the other pinning my shoulder to the wall. Our faces only an inch appart as a small string of saliva connected out lips, as a bright blue blush was spreaded across my face. His face was compleltely shaded a majenta color as we both inwardly panicked.

He took my first kiss...

Our hearts stopped as we finally heard the door close... Standing in the door way was a shocked girl with blue hair and hazel eyes, in all black and MCR clothes.

Next to her was a shocked red headed Latino in black, gold, and neon green, with a matching book bag and boots with buckles.

Along white haired latinio boy. Wearing a white shirt, purple hood and blue jeanz and boots.

My heart stopped as I instantly recgonized then as none other than Wild, Savage, and Vaan.

A quick camera flash went off and me and PJ instantly pulled away freaking out of shock.

"Holy applejuice..." Vaan mumbled.

Wild just stared at us shocked and lost.

Savage still seemed shocked but was obviously also fan-girling deep inside then she had to say something to make me die of embarrassment.

Savage smiled nervously showing the picture on her phone of me and PJ really close against the wall.

'whipe that dumb nervous smile off your face, I know your fangirling you pain into the butt!' I thought flustered more than anything.

"I-it's not what it looks like!" Me and PJ both say as Wild walks off and Vaan looked away using his phone as an excuse to forget what he witness.

"I know, you two were agruing. But that still didn't stop what we walked into from being cute!" Savage giggled.

"Nothing was going to happen!" I said knowing she was thinking of all the things that could have happened right before they walked in.

"Why do I have the intense feeling your lying?" Vaan said getting off his phone and standing next to Savage.

"He's not." PJ said glaring at Vaan although it was hardly noticeable, he was acting normally but I knew he was just as paniced.

"What ever you say, PB&J!" Savage spoke as PJ glared at her.

"I'm not a sandwich." He mumbled as she smiled.

"Of course not! Not yet at least! You two just need to move a little clos-"

"Stop!" I cut her off fighting off a blush as she giggled away with that stupid grin.

My face was completely blue as Amber continued to tease along with small commentary from both Vaan and Wild.

"Okay, thats enough! I don't tease you when you hang out with that brown haired kid!" I said as Amber stopped teasing as she stated back at me intrested in what I had to say.

"Who?" She asked.

"The other guy with brown hair. He has lighter skin and he has green eyes." I said as everyone looked to the red head who seemed shocked.

"Oh no! Vlad and I aren't like that!" She squeaked.

"Then why are you always blushing around him?" I asked

"No seriously we're not like that! I don't blush because of him!" Savage tried to defend herself but I could see through it.

"Than why are you nervous?" I asked.

"Because he's not the one who's making me blush, its someone else!" She sighed.

"...The blonde one with the blue eyes?" I asked as she shook her head.

"That one guy you tend to sit down in the library with? The one with black hair convering his eyes with blue eyes?" I asked.

"No, Zane's my buddy." She said.

"Than who?" I asked.

"I blush around those guys because we're talking about my crush! Nothing more nothing less." She mumble.

"...You mean Garroth, Zane, and Vlad? The Ro'meve brothers?" PJ asked as the red head nodded.

"I don't understand if it's not those three who else is it?" I asked as she shook her head.

"I'm not telling you. Now say cheese!" She smiled taking a picture of me and PJ once again, causing me to blush but I wouldn't let him see.

"What ever red, Im out of here." PJ mumbled and walked to the door as Savage shrugged dragging Vaan to where ever Wild went.

I stood in place not knowing what to do.

Do i go with Savage?

Do I follow PJ and apologize?

Should I make sure he's not drunk enough to get hurt?

Why did he seem so...off?

He doesn't care does he?

Maybe it was a spare of the moment kind of thing.

Should I just ignore this ever happened?

Savage and the other two don't seem to know about the kiss, other wise all of us would be death due to Savages squealing.

I wanted to forget, yes.

But a part of me screamed to run after him, to find some kind of answer to the questions I couldn't answer myself.

But despite my body burning with anticipation to go after him, and my brain freezing with jumbling thoughts that make me want to join Savage, Wild, and Vaan...

...I stood in place staring at the door where the jock once stood with mixed feelings.

I replayed every memory we had in my head, looking for a sighn. Any sighn, to find an answer but nothing poped up.

I rainsed my hands to my lips where he kissed me, I blushed a deep blue as realization hit me...

I'm gay for PJ and...

I think I like it?

AN; Hope ya enjoy this one! Obviously who couldn't enjoy this one since our favorite 90's skele found out he's happy! Lol jk not that description of gay but that works to! Till next time!😁

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