Mal's Plan

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I sat in my dorm room at Auradon Prep, working on homework for Battle Strategy 101. That's my best class. I'm really good at figuring out the best way to win a battle. Of course, all the battles I've been working with are just scenarios in a classroom. I have yet to come across an actual battle. Staring at my workbook, I silently read, "An army is planning to invade a city. The barriers of the city are closed, and there is no apparent way in. What is the army's next move?" I put my pencil down and sighed. This may be my best subject, but that didnt mean it couldn't get challenging. Plus, I was frustrated. I had been solving equations, learning Auradonian history, and figuring out battle strategies since I got back to my dorm, three hours ago. And even when I was done, I would still have to go to classes again the next day. So much work, and absolutely nothing to do. Pretty as Auradon is, it can often get downright boring. I stood up, crossing over to the window. Looking out, I could see Auradon, with its well trimmed, bright green grass and picturesque buildings. Students walked leisurely around campus, chatting and having fun. None were my friends. In fact, I had no friends, except Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos. I didnt exactly fit in with the popular groups of girls. But beyond that, past the ocean, I could see glimpses of the Isle of the Lost. The mysterious island that Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos come from. The place that is supposedly covered in filth and dirt instead of grass. Where I hear the sky is more gray than blue. The place I have never seen before. The place where I come from.

Yes, you heard me right. I'm a VK who has never seen the Isle of the Lost before. How is that possible, you ask? Is that possible? Well, it's best to start from the beginning...

My name is Sheena, and I am the daughter of Shere Kahn. Yup, my dad is a tiger. Don't even ask how that happened. So anyway, my mom who I don't know apparently thought me having a tiger for a dad wouldn't be a good thing, and since she was unable to raise a daughter alone in such a filthy place, she decided to send me over to Auradon, where she knew I would be safe. So here I am, sixteen years later. My whole life, I had no idea I was really a VK. I didn't even know the Isle of the Lost existed until my new friends, Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos were invited over to Auradon by Prince Ben. Once I found out about this mysterious Isle, and that it was where I came from, I was actually relived. My whole life, I felt like I didn't belong. I had no friends, everyone thought I was weird, and I didnt act like everyone else. Instead of partying or socializing, I preferred to stay in my dorm room and draw or read. When I found where I was from, I realized why I never acted like anyone else: I wasn't one of them at all! Once I came to this realization, I decided to join the group of VKs, and they became my best friends. I changed my style, too. Instead of pounds of makeup and a short, exposing dress, I now wore clothes that made me much more comfortable: A green tank top with a black leather jacket over it, black leggings with green stripes, and simple black leather boots. My plain black hair, which I always kept down, now had green streaks dyed in it, and was tied up in a high ponytail. Now that I knew who I truly was, I was much happier. But I still longed to see the place that I came from, even if it was only for a few days. I desperately needed to know: What did my birthplace look like?

"Sheena? Sheena!" I snapped out of my daydreaming, realizing I had been staring out at the Isle of the Lost for at least ten minutes. Spinning around, I spotted Evie, my best friend. As always, she looked gorgeous with her blue hair, blue dress, and red leather jacket she had designed herself. "Hey, E. What's up?" I asked. Evie grinned at me. "Same as always. Listen to Ben lecture about his kingdom, design dresses, ogle at Doug- what about you?" I laughed, but before I could reply, Evie got right down to business. "So, Mal says she needs to see us right away-it's urgent."

"Wha-" I began, but Evie cut me off again. "She said to not tell you any details until we got to her dorm. We don't know who could be listening." With that, Evie grabbed me by the arm and dragged me down the hall to Mal's dorm- no questions asked. What was going on? One minute, my BFF and I were having a causal conversation, and the next, she was pulling me urgently down the hall without even a hint as to what Mal wanted. The VKs definitely had a strange way of doing things.

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