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Ch.31 The argument

As we made it outside and walked on the side walk Pj just grumbled a few things under his breathe, I felt a little embarrassed and worried 1) because he saw me in yet another vulnerable state and 2) He looked like he had a bad headache.

Eventually we made it to Amber's house and I opened the door. I knew Savage wasn't home, she texted me earlier saying she had to do something along with a few errands and she left a spare key taped on the bottom of the mailbox.

PJ walked in behind me shutting the door and i became confused instantly.

"What are yo-"

"Why did you go to the party if you can't do shit to defend yourself?" PJ asked as if I was dumb with his hand over his face as he sighed, not even caring if he cut me off.

"I was forced, thank you! Why did you go?" I asked not being able to hold back my growing anger, I hate it when people give me attitude!

"I always go! I go because I can actually fucking defend myself!" He said as if it were common sense.

"I can defend myself!" I argued feeling offened that he'd think otherwise. I may be a 'Nerd' but that doesn't make me weak!

"Wow! You can fucking defend yourself!? What the hell was that shit then!?" He yelled fustrated.

"I was working on it! He just had the better advantage at that moment I could have made it out fine without you!" I said being honest.

"Oh, now that is the biggest bull shit I've heard in my life!" He groaned rolling his eyes annoyed.

"You want to know the biggest problem  I've been through? I'm still going through it! I'm one student of out of millions in our school, why did you choose to be nice to me in the first place!?" I yelled as he glared at me.

"I already told you that i didn't know! I'm one student out of millions too and for some reason you decided it would be perfectly fine to run into me me in the locker room, break into my house for a phone, and fucking barge into my life for a reason I still can't figure out! And your asking me why!?" PJ yelled.

"Yes I'm asking you why! The first day in the locker room you could have embarrassed me in front of all the guys but you didn't! You could have let me get in trouble for having my phone out or at least given it back at the end of class but you didn't! And stop acting like I practically forced myself into your life because I haven't! I never meant to and I didn't want to in the first place, the only reason why I'm being nice back is because I don't believe in being rude to those who haven't been rude to me!" I exclaimed.

"You should have been paying attention to where you were going! You shouldnt have had your phone out in the first place or you should have at least asked for it back after class! If you didn't want to barge into my life before than you should have never broken into my house!" PJ stated angrilly.

"Oh. My. Glob! It's not breaking in if I didn't breake anything! It's pronouced sneaking in!" I yelled back angrilly.(Im sorry I just had put a smart ass comment like that lol)

"It doesn't fucking matter how it pronouced or what its called! It's practically the same thing with a small diffrence! It's still doesn't change the fact that all this is happening because you can't seem to think things through!" He claimed as my hands balled into fist.

"I can't think things through? Says the guys who has no idea why he's being nice to someone he could care less about! You forgot to give me my phone back in 7th period, and by the way your the one that regreted scaring me when I just went to get my phone back!" I shouted.

"I regretted it because you were literally having a panic attack in my room and the last thing I wanted was to be a acused of a murder!" He answered back.

"You could have just left me and went about your own buisness today at the party too!" I asnwered.

"I already said that I wasn't the kind of guy to leave a person in need like that!" PJ said.

"No! I didn't need you! You followed me and that guy and waited for me to need you! It wasn't like you were just passing by and suddenly heard me telling the guy to stop!" I stated.

"So what!? What is your fucking point!?" He raised his voice throwing his arms down to his side in a questioning  manner.

"What's my point? What else could it be!? You've been avoiding it this whole time with your stupid excuse of answers! Why. Do. You. Care!?" I yelled.

"I don't know!" He replied.

"See there you go again! I'm not asking you if you know or not I'm asking you why!" I raised my voice as he groaned.

"I told you already!" He yelled back.

"I don't know isn't a direct answer! Why do you care!?" I repeated.

"Why do you want to know!?" He asked backed.

"Because I have the right to know! You want me out of your life so I'm trying to figure out how to do that but I can't do that if you can't tell me how to!" I claimed.

"I said you barged into my life, I never said I wanted you to kick your stupid ass out of it!" He exclaimed as I felt anger and confusion completely take hold of me as all my feelings began to mix in.

"THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" I yelled at him as loud as I could.

I was slammed against the wall faster than I could blink, and I yelped from shock and slight pain as his hand pressed on the wound where the guy bit my shoulder earlier.

I was completely pinned by my shoulders as I had no control over anything at all, not even my mind.

All I could tell was the feeling of fustrated passion, and I found my self wrapped up in the heat...

The only thing my mind could process...

Was the taste of liquor and vanilla.

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