Prompt #16

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                Prompt: Leon's POV of when he kissed Brennan in front of his dad? Or Constance's POV of that scene. Whichever you would prefer to write

                A.N.- I decided to just do both in this prompt, so here we go! Also I didn't actually write in Constance's POV, just a third person kind of thing


                                                                                                ***Leon's POV***

                Dad was going to have Brennan arrested. My heart was slamming, my hands were shaking, and my composure was failing me. I had to do something, I just had to. I couldn't let dad do this.

                "If you go through with this knowing what he means to me, I will never forgive," I said, pulling Brennan in close and kissing him.

                My heart beat harder as our lips collided. I tangled my hands in his hair, wishing I'd gotten the chance to lay with him and just run my fingers through it. This wasn't enough time.

                Brennan put his hands on my waist, and I wondered if he could feel my body trembling. My dad was going to reject me and have Brennan arrested. Everything was going to fall apart.

                We kissed and kissed and I could feel my heart beating against my chest as we pressed close together. I knew my father was watching, but it was all out in the open now and he would either love me or reject me.

                I slowly pulled away from Brennan's lips. He took my hand in his and squeezed it. It felt good to know he would still be by my side while we faced this.

                "That was my secret, dad," I said, keeping my eyes on our hands. I couldn't meet my dad's gaze. I was too afraid.

                "Brennan," he said, and his voice was that dangerous tone he only took when he was really mad. "What did you do to my son?"

                "Are you sure you want to know, Constance? It probably involves your son peeling himself off Brennan's mattress and limping his way home," Fagan said, and I wondered if this would be the first time my dad ever struck a student.

                "Killian O'Malley," Beckett said. "You threatened him with his sexuality and his parents' disapproval six years ago. Karma's a real bitch, isn't it?"

                I knew my father was homophobic. But why hadn't he yelled at me yet? Why wasn't he shunning me? Threatening to make me a Maroon?"

                "You shamed the homosexual students at the Academy and never once thought about the trauma you were causing you own son," Tessa said.

                They were defending me. Beckett and his friends were actually defending me. Even though my father was the man they wanted to tear down.

                I could see dad stand up. "Leon, leave."

                No, no, no. Had even this backfired? Was he going to put Brennan in even worst trouble because of me?

                "No," I said, gripping Brennan's hand tightly. I had never stood up to my father like this before. I'd always done what he said and respected him. "I'm not leaving Brennan. Not until I know what you're going to do to him."

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