Louis carrots superman and kidnapping... what could go wrong?

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Hi well this is the first time I write on wattpad, also this is the first time I write in English so let me now if I did some mistakes please :D

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“C’mon Dina we should just go now!”I begged her pulling her arm trying to get away from the crowd of people

-Just wait I need to see them!-I rolled my eyes and decided to wait in the car where I wouldn’t freeze to death, the concert had ended thirty minutes ago and we wouldn’t be able to see them anyway since they are probably going through the back exit that’s currently blocked by guards, but Dina was a stubborn one and we would probably wait there for an hour more.

We had managed to get tickets for this One direction show, our sits were really far, one of the farthest ones actually but it didn’t matter, the whole thing was awesome, as I walked to the car my hands started to hurt only I could forget my mittens in the only cold night in Atlanta I thought rolling my eyes, my feet were starting to hurt as well, I make my way through the parking trying to find the car and that’s when I remembered that Dina was the one who had the keys.

Well wasn´t I lucky?

I stared walking back when I heard it, at the beginning they were only screaming but then they came nearest to me and I realized what all the fuss was about

-¡FAN GIRLS!-I screamed trying to run faster than them.

Oh but they weren´t only “fan girls” they were “Directioners”

Yep, Wasn´t I lucky?

I was so distracted looking at the girls that I didn’t notice the guy that was right next to me until his hand cover my mouth, it was one of those moments were your heart stops and you can feel the adrenaline heating your body, I wasn’t stupid I knew that the best thing was give the robbers what they wanted, I was too damn panicked to feel actually scared. I pushed my foot backwards to his crotch in the most cliché move, but hey it was cliché for something because that guy was now on the floor.

I threw my small purse to the opposite direction I was going, expecting him to go for the money. But he was chasing me, why the hell was he chasing me?! Unless he wanted something that wasn’t money unless he was

Well this was probably a good moment to scream for help “RAPI…”I started but I was suddenly tackled form the opposite direction that the guy was chasing me.

“Don’t scream” Ordered the guy, covering my mouth, I bite his finger as hard as I could until he let go of my hand.

“I don’t have more money! And what the hell dude?! You can’t just tackle people to the floor!” He was wearing one of those robber hats that cover everything but the eyes and mouth “My ass freaking hurts!” I kept going and he chuckled.

He fucking chuckled! I didn’t have time for a immature robber I needed to get out of his wrap, but before I could even attempted two other guys came, One grabbed my feet and the other one my hands while the immature one covered my mouth

And before I knew what was going on I was dropped on a van full of boys, two were in the front seats and three were in the backs seats were I was “gently” dropped, I was in the lap of one of them, I tried to stand up but he used his weight against me.

“I can believe you did it!-“Shouted one of them, he’s voice was deep and he had a strong British accent

“Don’t underestimate me Hazza” A boy with a slyly different accent answered laughing a little, Irish maybe?

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