Chapter 17

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The next morning, I received a phone call from my private corporate lawyer. I personally had him handle Rafael's case without telling Clara and everyone. I had to do something about the case myself.

"Mr. Sloan, I finally found someone who could access the hard drive. A hacker, he is, but he's also a cyber cop. I already oriented him that this is confidential. You won't have any problem with him since it's his job."

I frowned, "What? You told the cops about this?" I panicked.

"He's a close friend. You don't have to worry about it," he said.

I sighed, "Okay. I'm going to trust you on this, Mr. Michaels. When can I meet him?"

"He's actually with me today, sir, and we are going head to your office if you are available."

"I am available just don't come here. I'll meet you somewhere safe."

"Ah, may I suggest a place, Mr. Sloan? There's a Chinese restaurant near our firm."

"Okay. I'll be there. I'm going out now." I ended the call, grabbed my coat and the briefcase where I had put the hard drive when Clara suddenly appeared at the door. I remembered telling her last night that I was going to talk to her.

"Are you leaving?" She asked as she steps into my office.

"Yes, something important came up. I'll be back in the afternoon."

She was about to open her mouth to say something else but I walked past her and rushed to the door.

I was going to talk to her about the nightmare that kept on bugging me at night and it's becoming often. Each dream had a continuation from the last one and she was there. Clara was always there. I couldn't just ignore it this time.

I wanted to believe that it was only a dream. It was impossible for me to think of his death when I wasn't ever there when it happened in the first place. Was it only just a dream or a memory? I supposed mother didn't tell me everything.

I rushed to the Chinese restaurant where the lawyer was waiting for me. He was already sitting at one of the tables with the cyber police. I approached him immediately, but cautiously. I had to be careful with my every action.

"Mr. Sloan," Mr. Michael's stood and extended a hand to me, as well as the other guy then I shook their hands.

"My name is Sgt., Samuel Milton. I heard about your problem, sir," he said as he pumps my hand tight. He didn't seem or look like a cop. He looked young for a sergeant, though he had a tight grip. "I am working in the anti-cybercrime group and also a programmer and a skilled hacker."

"Thank you for coming here, Sgt. Milton. I brought the hard drive." I told him then glanced at Mr. Michaels and placed the briefcase, "I suppose Mr. Michaels already explained this case to you?"

"Yes, and you don't want to file an actual case until you are certain for whatever's inside. Are we looking for something illegal here, Mr. Sloan?"

"I explain everything, gentlemen," I said, initiating them to sit down.

Sgt. Milton opened the briefcase and took the hard drive placed over the pile of documents. Then he drew out his laptop and turned it on.

"Are you going to do it now?" I asked, a bit amused.

"Yes," he confidently answered. "Right here. Right now. You will have your hard drive."

I watched Mr. Michaels as he brushes his chin, nodding in approval. His friend began typing something rapidly on the keyboard and then he plugged in a USB Flash drive. "This is all I need," he said then he continued typing some programming code.

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