Cherry: Chapter 11

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"So tell me the truth," Cherry said as they parked in the underground lot. "What did you really think of Brad's band?"

"They were good," Phil said, looking relieved that she wasn't asking about the devil's threeway. He seemed content to let it be the elephant in the room. "This way to the elevator."

She followed him through the dimly lit lot on high alert. She shouldn't judge an apartment building by its parking garage, but this one wasn't giving her the best impression: run-down concrete, cracks in the walls, garbage all over the place? Shouldn't Phil live somewhere nicer than this?

Shouldn't he live in a house? A big one?

"Which floor?" she asked, her finger hovering over the elevator buttons.


The numbers skipped from twelve to fourteen, which meant that fourteen was really thirteen.

"Unlucky for some..."


"Nothing." Cherry pushed the button and the doors made a grinding noise as they closed. "Ooh. That doesn't sound safe." She looked into his drawn expression as he yawned. "Tired?"

Shrugging, Phil said, "Not too tired."

He couldn't be serious. Did he really think she could handle more sex after an evening of double penetration? Christ, she was lucky she wasn't in traction.

"How about you?" His hands found her breasts as the elevator propelled them upward. "Are you tired, Cherry?"

"A little bit, yeah. It's one in the morning." Her pussy clutched as he scooped her tits out of her top and played with her nipples. "What are you doing?"

"I thought you liked this," he said, still a trace of a growl in his voice.

"Yeah..." She couldn't deny it. Her panties were soaked all over again. "I do."

He'd just started rubbing his hard shaft against her butt cheek when the elevator dinged and the doors grinded open. Gasping, Cherry tucked her tits back inside her top. Her heart pounded, but there was no one else around. Anyway, the nearest light bulb was burnt out, which was just as well, since the beige carpets were stained with blotches of... no, Cherry didn't want to know what that was. Uck, it was spread across the wall, too.

Phil laughed nervously. "I keep asking the Super to clean this up."

"Oh." Cherry's lungs felt like two blocks of ice as he stuck his key in the lock. Apartment 1414. His door looked like someone had taken a crowbar to it. Cherry could only hope that had happened before he moved in. "Nice place you've got here."

"Yeah, it's not the best..."

Flipping on the light, Phil led her into his apartment. When she gazed around at the stacks of boxes, her heart nearly stopped. "Did you just move in?"

"No." He straightened the navy blue comforter on his bed.

Wait... why was his bed right by the door. Was there no bedroom in this place?

"Can I get you anything to drink?"

Cherry shook her head as she wandered to one of the two doors and opened it.

"Do you need the washroom?"

The mingling scents of mold and stale urine hit her like a baseball bat. "Nope, nope, nope." She slammed the door shut and opened the other one. "A closet?"

"Are you cold?" he asked, scrambling to tidy the kitchenette.

"I'm fine," she said, like she was trying to convince herself. "I just thought your place would be a little more..."

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