Tris Pov:

I am approached by three masked people In black. They grab me and I scream.

I fought as much as I can screaming, and squirming but they got a good grip on my shoulder and wrist.

We were approaching the chasm in Dauntless street. One of them punched me In Stomach, gut, face, and knees. I let out a blood curdling scream. Someone slapped me in the cheek then punch me in the eye. I can feel blood running down my knees and neck from bruise I had a few days ago.

Then I heard some grunts and punches. I open up one of my good eyes and see Tobais punching my three kidnappers Drew(Obvious), Al(I thought he was a Friend?), and.... Peter? I thought he was a part of our gang? I am still holding on to the grad in dirt, so I don't fall off the rocky edge. The last thing I see is a concerned Toby. He grabs my waist.

Tob-" I start but then blackout. I can still feel myself being lifted up before I completely drift off.

~~~~~~~~Tobais Pov

I am on my bed dreamily thinking of my date with Tris. I am on the verge of falling asleep when I heard a blood curdling scream. It's sounds familiar- then it hit me "TRIS!"

I ran out of the house and literally hit the street with a bang. I ran down the street following the echos of Tris's scream.

I arrived at the Chasm and saw four silhouette. I saw a small figure being beating up.


I ran up to the tree figures beating up my girlfriend and take off their ski masks.

Al, Drew, and..... Peter?!?

I thought Peter was a friend. Lynn was his girlfriend.

As I punch Peter in the face, I notice that he has a little hole in his neck.

It looks like an injection.

Orange liquid is coming out of it.

Simulation Injection. Someone is controlling him.

Drew was also in simulation. I saw his neck had a puncture too. I checked,when I hit his face.

Then, I hit Al. HE had no puncture in his skin whatsoever, AND you can see the hurt in his eyes when I punch his ribs.

He is awake. He is doing this in his own will.

I knock them all unconscious being careful with Peter. After all, he is part of the gang.

Then, I made sure Al is the most bruised. I went to Tris, who was hanging from the edge of the chasm. I rushed to her side and carefully grab her waist and pull her up.

"Tob-" before she can finish I pulled her up and she fell unconscious. I kiss her forehead and carry her bridal style to my house. I put her in my bed and get some ice for her head. I put her in a warm blanket, and I got her a room temperature glass of water and put it on my bed stand.

I walked to the bathroom to clean myself up. I turned on the sink to wash the blood off my hands, and blood on the cut near my face. Afterward, I used some soap and scrubbed at them. I got all the blood off my fingers and I drained the pink colored water.

It's 4 in the morning and it's Saturday. Good thing Marcus is traveling this week. He left last night.

I jump into the shower and take a cold bath.I change into a brand new jeans and black shirt. After combing drying my hair, I went back to see how Tris is doing. She has a bruise on her cheek and her neck has red spot, probably from getting hit there a lot of times. She groans.I come to her side.

"Are you ok?" she nods

"Tobais" she croaks

"Shh. Tris res-" Tris placed her tiny hands on the cut near my mouth, then on my red, blistered knuckles.

"Tris" I mumbled just as she grazed her child-like fingers on my mouth than my black eye

"What are you worrying about me? You were the one who took the most hits." 

I tries to sit up, but she cringes in pain. I set her to lay down and she falls asleep in my hands.

Next is Tris and Toby POv, and a Little twist on the original story if I do say so myself *eyebrows go up and down rapidly*


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