The Secret Life of Leah Clearwater

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Chapter 1

Jacob slowly raised up his snout and howled into the sky. Dawn was approaching, but the sun was barely visible over the clouds. Because, yes, it was just another drizzly day in Forks Washington. How Normal. I was with Jacob this morning and had just gone human to eat and shower. Now, it was time for the morning patrol with the rest of the pack, just like every other Normal morning. Seth was first to arrive, followed by Quil and Embry. Just. Like. Normal. Can you already tell how 'Normal' my life is?

Ofcourse you don't think it's normal. How ironic. Is it maybe because I'm a werewolf? Or because I'm the only Female werewolf? Or because maybe some of you listened to the fact that I was with Jacob this morning. Trust me, nothing's going on there. It's probably cause I, unlike you, can ultimately change my life. Yes, I can change absolutely everything, in ways you cannot even imagine. Oh and no, this isn't a suicide pledge, just a heads up, it is about finding Me, the real Me, and nothing but Me. Confused yet? I thought so.

I ran away from the pack and hid behind a tree to phase. Nudity was just one of the many 'perks' of my lifestyle. Atleast it is a lot better now, with only Jacob, Seth, Quil and Embry to share my thoughts. And see my naked ass. Oh well, what can you do? There's no way I'm going to become the first Werewolf to quit this lifestyle, No-Way in Hell!

Anyway, back on topic,

Jacob does not really seem to care much about my nudity, he only would care if I was 'Renesmee' his little girlfriend, yet she is not even two! And Seth, my brother on the other hand, well, being my brother, it's kinda different to him. If only it was like that with Embry and Quil. I'll kill them the second the think about my hidden fermality. However, it seems no-body really understands what it's like to be the only girl. I try to be strong and everything (Like all girls should be!) but sometimes I just feel silly and humiliated. Why did I have to become a werewolf! Why me? The day the boys finally understand, what it's like to be a girl, they'll probably all be dead. Because I killed them. Hehe.

But still it sucks being the only girl.

'So self absorbed all the time, aren't you Leah?' I heard Jacob accuse

'Get out of my head Jacob!' I snapped

'Please, the day you find a way to go wolf with no mind reading, tell me' Jacob said with a chuckle. He was being light-hearted, but his words affected me, nonetheless.

'One of these days...' I trailed off, not knowing how to answer.

I ran forward and saw through Seth's mind eye him approaching us. Today was just a routine run around the place, just to make sure that there were no bad vamp's around, and then back to the Cullen's. Fun.

I really hate the Cullen house. Rosalie is just a bitch, and looks at me as if I am vermin, just because I can go dog. Emmett honestly just scares me, as well as Jasper, Bella and Edward are excessively obsessed over each other and Renesmee, to notice anything else and Alice is just way to perky. I suppose though, besides the fact that Esme cares way too much, her and Carlisle are not too bad. I sometimes don't really mind talking to Doc, besides the fact he is so smart sometimes it bugs me.

I'm sure we will just arrive and Jacob will be off with Renesmee, and Seth having a good ol' chat with Edward and I will be forgotten. Atleast Embry and Quil agreed to come today; they 'Like' to check in on the Cullen's now and again. Atleast they can go home and not be told off about how much 'Sam's pack' is this, and 'Sam's pack' is that. Because it has become almost routine for Sam to talk to my mum about how much better I would be in his pack. She used to defend me, but now? Not so much. Ever since he played the 'Leah will be safer' scheme, mum has not defended me at all. It's really stupid how Sam is trying to get us all to return. Probably cause if there is, like, a mini war or something, we plus the Cullen's outnumber them. I am really thinking about moving out one of these days.

'Your not really thinking that, are you Leah?' Jacob asked genuinely concerned.

'I thought I told you to get outta my head!' I yelped

Jacob trotted over to me and looked me in the eye. I tried to spit at him, but that does not really work well when your wolf. As I have good cause to know...

'C'mon Leah, talk to me. You can't leave, who will be beta?' Jacob asked concerned.

I suddenly felt Quil and Embry in our thoughts.

'I'd be happy to be Beta Captain!' Embry teased, and added the image of a salute.

'I'd be happy to be a Better Beta then Embry Captain!' Quil added with another imaginary salute.

Seth entered the conversation

'Captain? What, are we running a boat? I prefer O' Legendary Alpha Dude and his Mystical Beta Seth. Has a certain ring to it, doesn't it?' Seth added bemused.

'Sorry kids, but Leah has the Beta role, and she's sticking to it. Aren't you Leah?' Jacob asked

I laughed

'Okay, okay I'll keep the throne. You happy?' I said heartfully.

'Throne? But I thought we were running a boat?' Quil asked.

I sighed at the boys lame attempt to joke around and followed everyone to the Cullen house. Edward must have read our thoughts, as he unlocked the door. Everyone phased meters before the house, and using Jacob's unique style, they each put on their pants. I preferred to run back behind the trees and join everyone later. As if, they will miss me for a minute. Let alone if I leave...

'Shut-up Leah, you are not to talk of leaving again!' Jacob said, but not in a serious tone, but just enough so I understood the weight of the alpha's command. Oh well...

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