When You Insult Him

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You were in a rather moody state, as the weather was hot, and sticky outside. You sat waiting for Gon to finish drinking from the water fountain. You just wanted to go home already. He gulped and continued walking with you.

Finally, you guys reached your house! You walk in to your air conditioned home, letting out a sigh of relief. You just sat on the couch when.
"Y/n! We should go to the park!"

"Gon? It's way too hot out there!"

"It'll be fun!" He said.

"Ugh!! Fine." You got up, and turned to him. He had a blue tank top on. He grabbed for his green jacket, and started to put it on. You rolled your eyes.

"Gon! Don't put that jacket on! It's so hot! Besides, you look like a disgusting pickle when you do!"

"W-what?!" He pouted, and tuned away from you. "Aww, you're so mean Y/n!!" He turned around, and stuck his tongue out at you. You immediately felt bad, and walked over to him.

"Okay, Gon, I'm sorry..." You said. He had his eyes closed, and still pouted. "Gon...?" He still didn't talk to you. You kissed his cheek, and put a hand on his shoulder. He slightly shifted, and you wrapped your arms around him. "Gon, I'm so so sorry. Please forgive me"

He sighs and hugs you back.
"I forgive you."

"Yay! Wanna go to the park?"

"Uh-huh!!" He bounces, and ends up going to the park in his green jacket. Sigh.

You were grumpy since your computer just crashed, so you sat on the couch with your arms folded. Killua came walking in, and he slumped next to you. You frown, and slightly shift away. He raises an eyebrow, and just to annoy you, he shifts closer to you.

You give an audible groan of annoyance, and shift on the other side of the couch. He moves closer to you, and you get up, and point accusingly at him.
"You!! Get away from me, snow white!" You said.

Killua scoffed. "Tch. Whatever." He said, leaving. You rolled your eyes, and sat back on the couch, realizing what you said was mean. You sighed, and got up, finding him in the kitchen.

"Killua? Killua... I'm sorry"


"Killua, please?" You hug him from behind, and kiss his cheek. He growls, and jerks away from your touch. You lay your head on his shoulder.
"You can eat all my saved up chocolate..."


"Yay..." You said, not very excited about giving up all your saved chocolate.

Your DVD player just broke, meaning you couldn't watch any movies from your movie bin. You really enjoyed movies. Like a lot. So when Illumi came home, he was surprised at your behavior, but found it interesting.

"So... That's why you're angry...?"

"Yeah... Terrible, isn't it?!"

"It seems like a rather silly thing to me..."

"Why--- You!! Shut it, you girl-- wannabe!" That's the best you could come up with. You frowned, and folded your arms. There was silence. Illumi blinked, walked up to you, and smashed his lips into yours. When he did that, you instantly regretted your words. He parted, and you rested your chin on his shoulder, and sighed.

"Sorry..." You muttered.

"It's fine. Should we buy a another DVD player?"

"Yes please!!"

You tried. And tried. And tried. But your house of cards just kept falling! You groaned, and banged your head on the kitchen table. Hisoka came strutting in. "Don't worry dear," he said, and you looked up. "Some just aren't as talented as others"

You frowned, and hit his back. He didn't even flinch.
"Shut up!! It's just bad luck you... You gay looking clown!"

He chuckled, and put a hand to his chest, mocking hurt.
"That's quite mean, I'm so very hurt"

You roll your eyes, and stomp out of there. But because you're you, you walked back in, hastily apologized, and ran back out. He just chuckled as always.

You just lost to Machi again!! She was too strong! It was as if you weren't moving up at all! You scrunched up your face, and sat angrily in a corner, sulking, while the rest of the troupe talked.

Chrollo noticed, and walked over to you.
"You lost again, didn't you?" He snickered. You hit his head, or tried, but he easily dodged.

"Shut up... You weird... Bookworm.. Addict.. Freak!"

He raised his eyebrows in surprised, smirked, and kissed your neck slowly, making you stiffen.
"You're cute" he whispered, and walked away, leaving you alone to blush.

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