Get Out

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A/N: Sorry I didn't update yesterday, but it was my birthday and I was pretty busy. Anyway, enjoy!

“Skye,” Adam boomed into the empty hallways of our house jolting me awake.

I fell down onto my bed again and glanced at my alarmed clock. It was six forty. Crap, I was going to be late for my date with Chace, then he'd come inside and Adam would see him; meaning we'd never actually get to go on the date. We'd just me sitting with Adam for two hours talking about things, and I promise it wouldn't be romantic.

I groaned but was still unable to get up, “What?”

“Jake is here to see you,” he called.

I sprang forward again and began to change without even thinking about it. I was preparing myself to look nice while I completely forgot I had been secretly dating Chace. I'm the worst girlfriend ever, I thought as I brushed a hand through my hair until it looked decent and applied just a touch of lip gloss.

Exactly as I finished Jake burst through my door.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, “What if I was changing in here?”

He shut the door while he rolled his eyes at me with a weary smile, “I’ve already seen you naked.”

I put my finger to my mouth; the gesture was most likely way too over dramatic, “Shush!” I took it away and gave him a pointed look, “Do you want Adam to kill you?”

“I think I can handle Adam,” he laughed.

“Do you want him to kill me?” I whispered.

He softened his eyes and his smile faded, “Never.”

I crossed my arms and watched him walk to my bed. He plopped down in the sitting position. He was inspecting his feet, that were firm on the floor, very intensely and his arms laid limply at his side. In that moment I regretted not being able to tell Jake that Chace and I were dating. It would’ve made it much easier to avoid staring at Jake simpathetically and wanting to just pull him into a comorfting hug.

But if I told anyone besides Aaron they’d probably tell. And then Adam would kill me, or worse Chace. Wait how is that worse? It’s not like I really loved Chace. I liked him and he was attractive. We were no Romeo and Juliet though. I mean one day we might fall in love. I almost wished we were in love and- I snapped myself out of the thought.

I eyed him carefully. This was weird for me. Adam letting him upstairs with me, alone. That never happened. I wondered what lie he told to get up here. It must’ve been pretty big because Adam didn’t even care that my door was closed. I don’t think anyone ever got away with that besides Aaron. Maybe Chace. Maybe. It was great he trusted me the most with the guy I’d done the worst with.  Note the sarcasm.

“What do you want?” I asked before sitting on my computer chair. I swirved lightly back and forth because somehow spinning seemed inappropriate.

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