Only Human

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It was Dangerous to have a human alongside vampires, Especially when a war could Wage, But Liana refused to stay behind, If she was to die, she would die saving her Niece, She was wrongly Accused of being Immortal.

Even if she Lived, Unless she was Needed, she would be ordered to be killed by the Volturi Coven, She Respected Laws, But she would break every rule to Save Them.

Liana was seated next to Renesmee and Bella, Bella was telling Renesmee that she would never ever let anything happen to Her.

'I Wish I could Have That' I Thought' I Had always wanted a child, but I never felt a Connection to Anyone, Not even the Vampires.

Renesmee laid down next to me.

"They wont touch You, I Would die to Protect you, You know That, I Will also haunt them after"

She giggled at the end and we fell asleep holding Hands with Bella watching over Us.

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