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Hearts of Pandore

A novella in the making

Thank you to:

PandorE(creative brilliance), SilentEcho(who made the awesome pictures<33), Amiira, NicholeSaysBoo, NicolletteNikki, xXDarkenedAngelxX, and DarkxMagicxAnimex

The universe hangs in a delicate balance. Like the silver scales of the Libra, everything is weighed against each other. The paramountcy of each situation is displayed by a reaction to every action. Everything is connected through threads of fate. The brevity of life in all its flitting eminence is the gold ended tips of each destiny. Stretching from all corners of the universe, the nimble fingers of the Creator weaving a delicate portrait through our existence.

I used to think that my fate was just the same as everyone else's. That I was caught in the endless cycle of monotony, the same down trodden path like everyone else. I thought that my footsteps would fall in the same place as strangers, the predecessor that passed before me. That destiny was just another winding sojourn I wouldn't be able to fathom; my footsteps would keep moving along an endless path without end.

But along the way I was tugged free, my thread was cut loose from the rest of the group. I must've fallen, or rather, I had been freed. Instead of my wings being clipped, I had flown higher than before. At the moment, though, I would've never realized how fortunate I was.

Pandore is one of the eleven different realms of this galaxy. It is a place off deep Magyk. Enchantments and Spells as old as time itself, are woven into its very being. Pandore is a time of Medieval endeavors: knights, dragons, princesses, creatures of Mythen and Lore brought to life.

There is a Mythen, that adheres to the creation of my realm. When Chaos ruled, it gave birth to two sons: Lytian and Darkora. Lytian was a king of peace; with him, the fields were golden and full of harvest. Creatures frolicked in the woods, relishing in freedom, drinking in life with ease. Lytian was a kind ruler, he was stern, but fair, and his subjects bowed to his wisdom.

The second son, Darkora, was said to have Darkness slithering in his soul. He often skulked in the shadow of his elder brother, some said jealousy drove him mad. In the cover of darkness he planned to murder his brother, keeping the realm's riches for himself. However, his brother defeated him, knowing about his plans ahead of time by a brave spy. Lytian held his brother's life at an end point, but in the end, he couldn't kill his own blood. He divided the land in half, vowing to hunt Darkora down if he ever stepped a foot into his kingdom. Defeated, Darkora slunk in the shadows.

To this day, Pandore is drawn in half; the sparkling cities of Lytian on one side, and the crumbling buildings of Darkora on the other.

But really, that was all speculation. No one really knew what lay in Darkora. Us Lytians preferred to remain in our glimmering cities. The truth is that we're just too scared of the unknown.

I was too.

Until I crossed over.

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