Chapter 22

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Y/N's POV:

"No" I said blankly and I watched her face fall

"Well not right now at least. Look I just came out of the relationship I'm still hurt and still hung up on her" I said

"And I'm gonna try to do whatever I can to get her back. I-I'm sorry Camila" I said and she let her face fall

"No yea I get it. I just thought it'd be worth a shot" she said with an emotional voice and I could tell her eyes were getting glossy

"God I'm so stupid" she mumbled and turned her face around

"Cam- " I said trying to calm her down but I saw tears flow down and heard sobs

Now I felt really bad for doing that. But I really want Sofia back there's no way I could give Camila that chance

"Camila come here" I said grabbing her arm. She tried to resist but I was stronger than her

I grabbed her body and I made her sit on my lap and I wrapped my arms around her. She immediately laid her head on my chest still sobbing and I played with her hair

"Shhh calm down. I'm sorry okay" I said trying to make her relax

She nuzzled her face deeper into me and clung on to my shirt tightly

"Look Camila. We can still be friends alright. Besides you still have a boyfriend" I said

"But I told you-"

"I know you told me you'd break up with him but that's not fair to him cmon" I said "I really meant it when I said I had planned to spend my life with Sofia forever" I said

"I know I just thought that maybe I-if you and I could happen that maybe I'd get you to change your mind I don't know" she said

"I'm sorry cam" I said

"It's okay y/n" she said between sobs

I held her for a while longer until the producers came back and it was just awkward the rest of the night


The next day on set I arrived with Starbucks in my hand. Now personally I could careless for Starbucks but for some reason Sofia and Dove and the rest of the world fucking loved it. Nonetheless i decided to bring the girls their drinks like I used to. I was hoping I could get into the flow of things again

I walked into the makeup trailer and hoped for the best

"Hey guys" I said to the staff and makeup artists

I saw dove in the process of  getting her makeup done and I went up to her and stuck the drink in her face

"What's this?" She asked

"I don't know a peace offering?" I said "just don't want you to be mad at me anymore"

She stared at the drink then stared at me

"Fine I'll take it. Only because I need my fix and I didn't have time this morning" she said "oh and by the way. I'm not mad at you. I mean I was but now I'm just disappointed. But you're still my friend y/nn" she said and I smiled at her

"Thank you dove " I said and gave her a hug

"Okay now let me finish getting glammed" she said pushing me out of the way

I laughed as I walked away but then I walked to other side and saw the Colombian beauty still makeup less just on her phone

I knocked on the table of the makeup station and she immediately looked up at me and gave me a little smile

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