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Cordelia didn't give Pierce a choice. She practically had him locked in his own room with her alone. She insisted she could break his walls and that's exactly what she was going to do. Well, she was going to get to know him first, then break his walls. That was a better plan. It was going well until Pierce started to get aggravated and wanted to leave.

"No you're not leaving until you tell me your favorite color, dammit. Tell me!" Cordelia whined, practically throwing herself onto his back and just hanging off of him until he gave up and sat back down. "That's a silly question. All the questions you've asked were silly 3rd grade questions. What's your favorite color? What my full name was. How old I am. Like come on. If you're going to ask me some dang questions, make them good at least."

Cordelia huffed. "Fine. What's your biggest fear, then." She asked. Pierce visibly gulped. That was one question he didn't want to answer. "Biggest fear? Eh don't have one." Pierce tried shrugging the question off. But Cordelia pushed. "Come on. Even you must have a fear." She told him.

Cordelia asked him this because she wanted to know what it was. So maybe she could try helping him get over it. She was starting to care for him. Not trust him yet, but kind of care for him.

"Love." He said, fiddling with his thumbs. Cordelia gave a questioning look. "Love?" She asked, hoping to get information out of him. "If I... If I love someone then I might loose them. That's my fear." Pierce said quietly. He was trying to fight the tears that threatened to fall. The memories of him hearing his parents die still rang in his head everyday and it drove him mad. He loved his parents dearly and the pain of loosing them still had a place in his heart. He thought loving someone again would just cause him to loose them somehow. So he became cold and introverted. Pushing everyone away so he wouldn't have to feel more of the pain.

Cordelia sighed. "I'm sorry. I didn't know." She looked away. "Don't be." He told her. "I should be the one who's sorry. I've been a jerk and an asshole my whole life. But it's not because I want to. I... I lost people dear to me. My parents. I was 11. I was heartbroken. Wanted revenge for their deaths. I thought at first it was my fault. Then I thought, maybe it was someone else's. So I vowed, that.... Maybe if I killed, I could find those who killed my parents and they would feel how bad I felt. How I still feel."

Cordelia didn't realize she was crying until she felt the wet streams run down her face. "Pierce..." Cordelia started but he held up his hand so she wouldn't talk. "I don't want sympathy for it. What's happened is done. It's been ten years." He growled and the tears fell from his eyes.

Pierce seemed so helpless at the time to Cordelia. She felt bad that his parents were gone. That's why he was how he was. He lost two important people that are supposed to be there for you. Then Cordelia felt a gut wrenching feeling. What about her parents, where were they? She thought to herself. She completely had forgotten all about her parents. What if they were dead?  She tried mind linking with both of them.

Werewolves had a trait of contacting their family or loved ones through linking your minds together and can talk to them through that. But she didn't get anything from either of them. She started to cry more. "Are you okay?" Pierce asked, completely forgetting all his pain and grabbing her to pull her on his lap. She shook her head yes and wiped her eyes and stopped crying. She didn't want to talk about her problems. "Cordelia. Come on. What's wrong?" Pierce sniffled, wiping one of his eyes. "It's nothing." Cordelia lied. But it was something. Her parents could be dead. And she could do nothing about it when she really wanted to do something about it.

She slid off his lap and curled up in a ball. "Is.. is it about.. you know..." Pierce asked, referring to her attacked pack. He felt guilty for everything. Really, really guilty. She shook her head yes. "I'm sorry.." Cordelia mumbled. Pierce picked her back up and set her back on his lap. She felt awkward sitting this way. She just wanted to push him away and call him a monster. But yet she felt compassion for him. She felt sorry that he was hurt from a young age. But maybe he was lying? But the pain in his face gave away that he most likely wasn't.

There was a knock on the door. Pierce wiped his tears away and composed himself before sliding Cordelia off his lap and got up to go to the door. "What?" He asked as he opened the door and there was a young, beautiful brown haired, purple eyed, tan skinned girl standing there. "Hey big guy. Just wondering when exactly you were going to throw this "Moon Goddess" party or whatever. Just so I know when and how much to cook." She smiled up at him.

Cordelia saw pink rise to to the girl's cheeks when she looked at Pierce. She felt a pang of jealousy so she slipped over to them and grabbed Pierce's arm and held herself close to him. She didn't know why she was other than the jealous feeling in her gut but she was doing it anyways.

The girl looked at Cordelia and her bottom lightly popped out but it went back in it's place and she looked up at Pierce. "Um... I haven't really the slightest idea yet. But the Moon Goddess dedication day isn't for another three weeks, Kaden. So probably around there if you'd like to get some recipes together." He told her. The girl, Kaden, nodded and she ran away. Pierce shrugged and closed the door.

"She likes you." Cordelia said flatly. Pierce gave her a look. "What?" He asked her as he sat back on his bed. "You didn't see how she looked at you? How she blushed just because you were acknowledging her?" Cordelia huffed and sat next to him. Pierce shrugged. "A lot of girls only like me because I'm alpha." He mumbled and shrugged again. "Just because I have a title in the pack." Cordelia sighed. "Is that true?" She asked. Pierce nodded. "Almost every girl came on me for the longest time. Or said they liked me just because I have a title. It sucks."

Cordelia sighed. She didn't know how that felt. There weren't that many guys in her pack that where her age and none of them really seemed to care about or know her. There were a lot of people in her pack. Or used to be. She had no clue who survived or who was captured. And that hurt her heart. There were a lot of young children in her pack and that made her angry. At those in Pierce's pack but mainly at herself. She had ran away. She didn't stand up and fight like she had hoped. She wanted to fight but got scared.

"I think I need air." Cordelia popped up and walked out of the room and left.

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