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Pierce pushed Amelia off and went after Cordelia. He didn't know why because he didn't care about her, but he just ran after her. "Cordelia!" He called and stopped her from running out the door by grabbing her by the waist. "Let me go! Go back to your little whore." She struggled in his arms and tried to push Pierce away. But Pierce tightened his arms around her and slammed his lips into hers.

Cordelia froze and just stood there. She didn't move nor kiss back. Pierce eventually pulled back and looked into her eyes. Once the shock she felt after he kissed her, she then slapped him which distracted him for a second before she was able to pull out of his arms and run out the door.

"See? She doesn't want you. She sees you as a monster. A bastard. Which you are. But I don't mind that you are." Amelia said and tried pulling him back to his office only to have her wrist grabbed tightly by him. "You, Amelia, are going to the prison and staying there until I say you are able to get out. Brian!" Pierce yelled and Brian quickly came out of the hallway. "Yes, alpha?" Brian asked. "Take Amelia to the prison. Don't let her out until I say." Brian grabbed Amelia and took her to the prison. "I'll get out of there one day, Pierce."

Pierce huffed and collapsed on the couch, which was the closest comfortable piece of furniture. "I knew I sensed you were stressed, young one. Is everything alright?" Genevieve asked him, sitting down next to him. Shrugging, Pierce shifted himself so he would be facing her. "I'm not sure." He growled, not sure if he should be angry or happy Cordelia is angry with him. Now that he was thinking of it, he himself was mostly happy that she was mad at him. He didn't like her. But something down in him was angry. Something deep down was angry at him because he made her mad. But Pierce ignored that feeling.

"Is it because of that girl running out on you? If so, it might've been you and not her." Genevieve suggested, mostly prodding at his buttons to see what he would say or do, but said that in a suggesting voice. Not an annoying voice.

Pierce growled at her lowly. Somehow, at the same time, he felt that she was wrong but knew she was most likely right, again, for the millionth time on this topic. But he wanted to be the one who was right for once. Why couldn't people see that he didn't want to be around anyone who he could potentially fall for. Which could be anyone, he thought to himself. He lost two people he loved most and it broke him into too many pieces and after all this time, he was still picking them up. He had to grow up way too fast. Only being 11, he had become alpha. He hadn't one clue then how to run a calculator. Much less a whole pack with at least a thousand people counting on you. That broke him down even more.

"Don't try hiding it, Pierce. You and I both know, deep, deep, deep, down inside you, she's important. Your inner wolf and moon goddess chose the two of you to be together for a reason. Maybe she could try breaking your walls down and show you how to love. Just give it a chance." Genevieve told him, and left before he could comment on that. Maybe he was right, he thought. Maybe she could break his walls and help him love again. The only thing holding him back, was fear. Fear was the thing. That, pain, and revenge fueled his hatred and him building the walls he made to hide himself and make everyone feel the same pain he did all those years ago. But maybe she could help.

Making his decision, he rose, and set out to find Cordelia. Which wasn't that hard because she was a hundred feet away from the pack house, seeming completely helpless, not knowing where to go. Pierce felt bad but found it kind of funny to see the girl who thought she was confident and the one who she thought could help anyone, be in need of assistance and needed comforting.

He set a comforting hand on her back, to tell her he was there. She jumped and shot around to look at him. "Hey, I'm... I'm really sorry with all this. I... shouldn't have brought you here, I shouldn't have done what I did. I didn't... Sorry won't help, I know but I thought it would be a start and I wanted..." He was flailing, not knowing what to say next or what to do. He was just as lost with words as much as Cordelia was lost period. He knew he'd never get her to forgive him but maybe he could try getting her to trust him.

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