The well mystery ''chapter 1''

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I haven't remembered anything, but something happened to me. An old story began, when I was about 10 years old, I was returning home from the school and my friends were with me.  

Jack Dawson was one of my friend and he always liked to visit forest, He was about 1 year older than me. 

We came in forest, a strong attracting voice came. We all became very depressed . Swerty was interested in voices, he realized that a voice is calling us! Then we follow the voice with Swerty recognition. 

 When we cross the forest, we saw a well from which strange voices were coming. Ben ran to the well without us. I said to come back! We wants to take Ben away from well. We ran to the well. Ben was looking inside the well, then I pushed Ben away from well. My foot slipped by pushing Ben away from well but unfortunately, I fell into a deep well. My friends were shouting and crying so much. Then I became faint. 

When I opened my eyes, I was about at the age of 17. It was unbelievable to me to recognize my self. A strange voice which I heard in my childhood came again. I was so confused! I began to think the voice which I am hearing from my childhood but where it comes from? Then I followed the voice. There was a pigeon, i smell a strange thing which was attracting me to pigeon, then i capture it and ate it. I didn't knew why i ate that pigeon?

After eating that pigeon, I felt some strength and some thoughts were passing from my brain, in childhood I had never believe on vampires, when my mom tells story of real vampire. I immediately ignore it,  but was my mom telling truth about vampires? but how can i be a vampire.thirst man of blood! 

I don't wanted to drink blood,but i should had to know that,this is only my food to eat or drink. Then i began to think ,i have never capture a pigeon.How can i be so fast? Then i must have to accept it now,that the vampires were real and i am the one of them!

Then i remembered that I fell into a well in childhood.How have i lived 7 years without food and water?Then i started to use powers and the speed!I hadn't learned power of running yet,When i was trying to run fast. 

Then I crashed into a metal,which i think was mirror.It had been broken into pieces then i saw my face in the mirror. 

Then I shouted What had happened to me!! My eyes became red and my golden hair became dark black reddish.When i started crying.There were no tears in my eyes.I shocked and feel my face with my hands.

After 2 days.

I was so mentally disturbed by living in that well like prison.Then i tried to find the way to get out through it. But unfortunately, I didn't found any way to get from it.At that time,i was standing at that place, where I fell down. 

Then I saw up, the way i found to get though it. Then i tried to climb but first time i fell then i thought a new plane to collect big stones and jump through it.But the well was so deep ,it was not a way to get through it.

The thoughts were passing from my mind,If i have power of running then i should have be climbing power also.I climbed 2 times but i fell then i focus in it so much,then finally i reached at the mid point of the well.Then i learned to use climbing power,i was so happy from inside to get through prison.But I was so hungry at that time. 

Finally I get through the well,Then I saw a deer ,which was injured.I smelled the blood so much,Then i attacked the deer without any thought.After eating deer,but the taste of blood was something wrong.Then i become some weak and sat on my knee.I started shouting.

A girl which was on the way to home,she was helper of injured peoples,she usually take patients to hospital.She was so beautiful,the green eyes,light brown hairs in red dress.She listened my shouting,she comes to me and asked to help me,Then i saw up to girl,she became scared of me and gets away from me.She runs away from me,Then i thought that she will tell every body about me.I have to stop her!

I chased her with my fast speed and i stood forwards her,she shouted so loudly.I made her silence by putting my hand on her mouth.She was so scared,i said her to be quiet and not to tell any one about me.She shouted to tell me to stay far from her.I said her to keep silence in my loud voice.She becomes so quiet as she was going to start cry.I said her not to tell any body about mine!She becomes so scared and i leaved her to run.She ran away to her home.

She started crying at her mother.Mother asked her why are you crying? have some one annoyed you? She was so scared to tell about him.She said in depressing voice that nothing had happened to her,her mother thought that she is crying for her father's death,then her mother said that not to cry,he has gone to heaven,he is always with you.She said whom are you talking about? her mother said : Of whom you were thinking about!The girl thought that mother has knew about him.She said mother please help me and keep him away from me,her mother had been so much angry and said : who can you say to your father!!her mother gone to room.

She begins to think about me.Jack dawson came and said : hey sister ,confused by? She said : Oh brother , no! nothing had happened. Jack said okay,but tomorrow be ready fast for school i have big classes.

At the morning,jack had gone school before her. She was sleeping yet, her mother came and said to get up quick and be ready for going to school,she got ready and ran from home.She reached at school at time, I only knew her so i was to be alone then i came to her school by changing my cloths and putting a cloth like a big cap covering my eyes. When i reached at her school,i was standing behind the school.She was going to enter school. Her brother came and said : you are late sister,my class is end and your class has been end before you came . She was upset and going to home back now.. She saw me there and became so shocked by seeing mine red eye color.

Her friends were with her. I looked at her, she wants to go back from which they came. She said lets go back guys, I don't want to go in this way.Her friend said that why? this was your favorite place to exit from school. Then she said now its not her favorite to exit. Her friends were confused, they looked at me and said : who is that guy? we have never seen him at school,Emilia was one of her friends, Emilia said to her that do you know him?


That's my old story, so there will be many mistakes in it. Try to aviod please. 

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