Episode 1: A girl walks into a bar

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How to Catch a Cheater:


(Based on True Stories) Five friends set out in an adventure to catch a girl who could be cheating on her boyfriend. She's clever, manipulative and feisty but what happens when one of them falls in love with her? Once they end up in all sorts of trouble like going to jail, sleeping with crazy psychopaths and getting beat up by homeless people they start to wonder if they really know how to catch a cheater...

Author's Note:

Firstly, before I begin let's just get this straight, I can't write for $hit so excuse me. Most of the book will be in direct speech because I also can't describe for $hit.

Secondly if you don't know me, I'm Brandon. Hi, how are you? Good? Good! I have four other friends named Reece, Roger, Clyde and Dean. You'll get to know them as the story goes on. I'm writing this in my viewpoint only by the way.

Lastly, the story is true but the dialogue in it may differ a bit. I used the word phuck so it doesn't get censored AND sloot means $lut.

This book is on the HowBoysThink account but if you want to talk to me head over to @Brandon21. I prefer not to upload any books on that account; it's more as a personal account.

To see when the next chapter is up, head over to my account and the date of the next update will be displayed on my About Me. It should be updated weekly though, just to let you know.

Really hope you like it! Please vote, comment and stuff if you want to see more!

Episode 1: A girl walks into a bar

It was the year 2009 and little did I know that the next six months were going to be one of the best of my life. In 2009 I had my usual friends and we were close but one situation brought us together and made us actually understand each other. This situation just changed the ball game of my life and up until today we always talk about the incident of 09' and it was just all over one girl...

"You want more coffee?"

The waitress asked as I finished my second cup already. Reece, Roger, Dean and Clyde sat around the table finishing up their breakfast whilst talking regularly.

"Yeah, please," I replied.

The waitress looked at me irritably because she was usually in a bitchy mood and she kind of hated us for being so noisy most of the time.

Just as I was about to call back the monster lady of a waitress, this girl walks into the café with her boyfriend on her arm. My eyes literally shot out of my sockets and I was in disbelief. Her boyfriend's name was Daniel and we knew him from high school.

"Daniel's girlfriend looks like a wh0re," Dean stated nervously as his eyes shot around us.

Clyde (who was busy munching down his last piece of bacon) had his back towards the girl and didn't see her enter the room. As soon as he heard the words "wh0re" leave Dean's mouth, he casually turned around.

I swear to Mother phucking Teresa, as soon as he looked at her the boy started to choke like the grim reaper was standing in front of him. Dean gets up from his seat and slaps Clyde's back with the freaking force of Darth Vader.

"Jeez Dean, don't try to kill me," Clyde said in his fits of coughs.

"Sorry, isn't that the limerick move?" Dean asked proudly.

"No you phucking idiot, it's called the Heimlich move," Reece clarified as he shook his head.

"And hitting someone on their back isn't even the way you do it," Roger added as Dean frowned slightly.

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