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The Tables Have Turned

Chapter 21

“Alex!” Chase yelled. I pushed Alex away, stopping him from kissing me longer. We had just returned from our spot and we were now with Paul and Chase.

Alex said that we’ll tell them later about our relationship but “later” was apparently sooner than I thought.

Chase was staring at us wide-eyed while Paul just smirked. I blushed and Alex shrugged.

“What? Am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend?” He said coolly and my heart skipped a beat when he called me his girlfriend. I can’t believe how much I loved hearing him say that.

“Girlfriend?!” Chase said, obviously surprised. He gave me a look that held so many thoughts. I kind of had an idea about what they were.

“Don’t act so surprised,” Paul said, rolling his eyes. “We all knew it was coming soon.”

It was not my turn to be surprised because of what Paul said.

“You did?” I blurted out.

“Yeah,” Paul replied. “It was obvious that Alex treats you differently.”

I glanced at Alex and he smiled shyly. He looked just like he did two years ago. Chase thought that he was now a player but that was just a façade. I knew he was still the same person deep down.

The bell rang and we lazily went up to class. The teacher wasn’t there yet so everyone was talking and laughing loudly.

We walked in and Paul shocked me when he yelled, “Quiet everyone! We have big news!”

Everyone immediately shut up as they stared at Paul curiously, waiting for him to spill.

“Guess who the new couple in class is?” He said and I was even more shocked when everyone screamed ‘Alex and Hailey!’

Paul nodded with a grin on his face and everyone’s attention focused on Alex and I. Alex grinned and wrapped an arm around my waist.

I heard a few ‘aww’s from the girls and several guys nodded at Alex proudly. I almost rolled my eyes at their typical reactions.

I sat in my chair when the teacher came in but I couldn’t concentrate the whole period. Of course, I was thinking of that blue-eyed boy sitting behind me.

I was tempted to turn around and look into his blue eyes but I would look like an idiot and I would end up blushing as he laughs at me. I could imagine in all in my head and I definitely didn’t want it to happen.

I sighed and rested my head on my hand as I stared at the teacher who was talking and talking and talking.

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