Task 7 (Set 29/8; Due 12/9)

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Did you finish the last task? If so, vote one this chapter. If not, please do the task that you haven't done (unless you've been told not to)~

Here are the books of the week:

The_Furi_Reaper's Let's Rule The World, Shall We? and Miss-Atomic-Bomb's The Holy Grail Agency. Read to chapters of both and tag me in them.


Read 2 or more chapters of your partners work! Comment 1 long comment or several (more than 3) inline comments. Tag the admin (EternalDawning) to prove your work unless it is on her book.

Do not read your partners book unless they have been active. Next task is coming on 16th September.

Group 1:

lolaDawn - Another True Story

EternalDawning - Insignia: Premonition of the First

-_Scarlet_Warrior_- - Promise Me

WilsonJeanBaptiste - Ziro's Tale: Early Beginnings

Old-Tailed-Fox - The Phoenix's Keeper

Group 2:

GoldSashimi - Secrets of Ether

KatherinaRose17 - Carry Me With You

Chaaruzu_Corner - Black Witch from Another World

allycatdaone15 - Crimson

Muddie_Lyn - (reader, no book)

Group 3:

ImperialSun - Novus Magus

earthhex - Cosplaying Problem

KiteWaltzRyder - Daybreak's Bell/ SCHWARTZ;WEISS

butterballporkbun - Hello Charlotte

KuroSairaf - Spirit Academy

Group 4:

Zaf_Mohammed - Lapse Phase - This Is Not The End

BlueFlower226 - Azure Dreams

TimmyLail - Demon

YukiHibara - Four Seasons Pretty Cure

Group 5:

RainingStorms - Stormbringer: History of Brothers

Makewarnotpeace - Demon Hunter Academy

PhiliReader - Finding Love At The Worlds End

Rosetta_Vernon - The Magician

Members who have joined, but have not been active or are on hiatus: (feel free to add yourself whenever)


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