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Pen Your Pride

Liam Payne - Imagine 1

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You and Liam have been close since you were at school together, but everything had changed since he became famous. When you bumped into each other at the shopping centre in Wolverhampton, you exchanged numbers. Since then you've been texting everyday and all night and he asked you out on a date for tonight.

You were sat on the steps where you were planning to meet him on the sea front. You're wearing a floral summer dress and cute nude coloured heels. You stand up to see if he's on his way and in the distance you can see him walking towards you, fixing his hair. Without realising you smile to yourself and bite your lip. 

"Hey gorgeous" he says kissing your cheek and grabbing your hand, whilst pulling you out of the way of a car wanting to come past. You giggle at the different side of Liam and briskly walk to the beach. 

"Let's sit here" he said laying down the blanket.

You sat there for what seems no time at all, watching the sunset, talking about everything and anything. You sat there eating chocolate dipped strawberries, cuddled up with the blanket wrapped around both of you. It was getting dark by now and he gazes up to the stars making his eyes twinkling. You look at him doing this when he turns to you and cheekily kisses your lips. You can hear music playing from a nearby bar, so you grab the blanket and stand up. 

"C'mon! Lets dance!" you say opening your arms with the blanked wrapped around you. 

"I can't dance!" he laughed.

"Sure you can!" You put your hands on his shoulders, still gripping the blanket still. He holds your waist, pulling you closer. You giggle at his attempt of dancing.

"Told you I was bad!" he jokingly moaned. You stroke his jaw bone and then kiss his lips.

"Now that's more my style! This shoulda happened a loonngg time ago" he says before moving in to kiss you back.

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