Chapter 21

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Y/N's POV:

"Thank you mom that was delicious" I said as I started picking up the plates from the dinning table

"You're welcome" she said with a smile

I set the dishes into the sink and I started making my way to my room. It was nearly empty now since I had most of my stuff at "Sofia and I's house"

I heard the doorbell as soon as I plopped down on my bed but I heard my mom shout that she'll get it

I grabbed my phone and turned on my music and the song "Let Her Go" by Mac DeMarco played. Oh how lovely

I closed my eyes and just laid there bopping my head to the music moving my arms along to the rhythm

I heard a knock on the door and I looked up and saw Camila leaning against the door frame

"Hey" she said

"Hey" I replied

"Sorry I came to give your mom something from my mom but then your mom told me you were here and I couldn't resist" she said

"Oh it's cool come on in" I said

She walked into my room and started looking around it

"It's different but the same at the same time" she said looking around

"Yup" I said with a low laugh

"So what are you doing here at your parents house on a Friday night?" She asked as she leaned against my dresser

"Just chilling like a villain" I said and she giggled

"What about you? What is a superstar like you doing at home?" I asked

"I was just catching up on some rest. Im going to the studio in a bit" she said

"Do you ever sleep?" I asked and she laughed

"Sometimes" she said

"Well I hope you have a good session" I said as I laid back on my bed

There was a short pause and I could feel her eyes on me

"Come with me" she said

"What?" I asked

"Come on its a Friday night and you have nothing better to do" she said

"Okay damn don't roast Me" I said and she laughed

"Come on come see what I do at work" she said

"I've seen what you do at work" I said and she rolled her eyes

"Okay but that was when I was in the group come on I do it all by myself now" she said and I lifted an eyebrow

"Do you produce too?" I asked

"A little bit" she said while making a pinching symbol with her fingers "I'm still learning" she said

"Oh you and a complicated machine this I gotta see" I said

"Hey I'm not that much of an airhead" she said and I laughed

"No you're not. You're very smart But when it comes to technology you're not the best with it. Remember when you thought your gameboy was defective when you first got it but it just needed to be charged?" I said and she laughed out loud

"Shut up I was like 8" she said

"Okay what about that one time in 8th grade when you fucked up our entire power point presentation that caused us to fail our project" I said and she groaned

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