part 3

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Logie💀: we're here where r u ppl?

Zach🔥: look behind u 😂😉

Both you and Logan turn around and see a group of 5 super cute boys. Your eyes immediately lock with Daniels. Then the moment was ruined by Logan yelling, "AYYYEEE MUH BOIS!!!" They all bro hug and you shake hands with all of them except Daniel... When you were about to put your hand out for him, he took you in on a full on bear hug. You hug back. Behind you there were a bunch of "OH"s and "HA WE TOLD YOU!!" Then after about a minute your phone goes off. "Who the frick is texting me!?" (A/N: Logan Paul reference! If u understand it ily😂) You pull away and check your phone. There was a notification that stated'1 new message from 'brother Jake😈' you decided to just check what he said. You read the text and your jaw dropped! You looked at Daniel and smile as you, you jump in his arms and hug him super tight! He puts you down after a few seconds. "What was that for?" He asked. "Sorry I just got a little excited!!" "Why?" Zach asked. "Because of this!!" You say first handing your phone to Logan. His smile faded a little bit... He looked, worried. He then shows the boys they all say stuff like, "WHAT THE HELL!?" "THIS IS A PRANK ISNT IT??" "I DON'T KNOW ILL ASK!"

Brother jake😈: Hey lil sis wanna join team 10??

Y/C: ur kidding!! Right??

Brother jake😈: I'm not kidding

Y/C: as much as I want to.... Idk

Brother jake😈: ok just think about it. bye sis 💗💗

Y/C: Bye bish 💕


So that's it for this chapter.


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