'Give it back.'- 'wake him up.'| Lams

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Angel AU! Yayyyy! I might make this into a book... Idk, probably.

Anyways, John and Alex have been together for a couple months. Lafayette and Hercules were wary of Alex, but they trust him with their little Angel.

Thomas is still around.


I don't sleep. John does, I just can't. I guess it's in my nature as a demon to wait and catch what goes 'bump' in the night. I rarely wait. Usually, I pretend to sleep, but I didn't this night. I waited... for something. Really anything. Well, I got something.

"Hello, Alexander..." I heard someone growl. I looked up in the dark to see Thomas in my bedroom. I grumbled and went to take John into my arms, but Thomas got to him faster. "Ah, tsk, tsk..." Thomas cooed, moving his hand up and down John's body. It made me angry. "He's so soft~" Thomas growled, slipping his hand past the waistline of John's pants. I heard John groan a bit as his hips twitched.

I growled as John squirmed and moaned, Thomas was teasing and toying with him. "Wake the Angel up, he doesn't need this-" "A-Alex~" John moaned. I felt my breath hitch. "Oh~" Thomas growled, taking his hand out of John's pants and palming him roughly. John's moans were getting unbearable for me to listen to. I just pushed Thomas away and wrapped John into a tight hug.

"Give it back." Thomas hissed. I glared at him and held John tighter. He was still asleep, but it didn't seem like he could wake up. "Wake him up." I demanded. Thomas cocked his head and smiled. "Look, I'm not going to do anything to harm him~" He giggled. I rolled my eyes. "Wake. John. Up." I ordered. "Fine, but I get to corrupt his wings~" Thomas purred. I felt my arms tighten around John protectively. I couldn't have let Thomas turn his wings black... like mine...

"...What... could I do instead..?" I asked. Thomas shrugged. "Maybe, I could be his first and then you?" He asked, smirking. He knew how stubborn I was, and I couldn't let my dear John be corrupted by Thomas.

I placed John down on the bed and kissed him. I heard John whimper and Thomas laugh evilly. "I'm glad you agree with me-"

I grabbed Thomas and threw him out of my apartment. A woman was there, and she looked confused. "Get away from John, understand?! If I see you touching him again, I'll kill you!" I growled, just to make a scene. Thomas narrowed his eyes. "I'm sorry that is so sexy~" Thomas apologized sarcastically. I slammed the door in his face and locked it.

When I turned around, I saw John with tears in his eyes and a blush on his face. "Hey... what's wrong, sweetie..?" I asked. John sniffled and dabbed his eyes with his sleeve. "I... I feel dirty... s-someone touched me... wrong..." John whimpered. I sighed and kissed his head. "Okay... do you want to take a bath..?" I asked. John nodded and hugged me. "D-Did someone come to get me..?" John asked. I just hushed him and carried him to the bathroom.

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